My Writings

Here you will find all the stories I have written and/or are working on. Most stories have nicknames because erm, well I sometimes suck at coming up with titles.

Gus Novel
Genre: Women's Fiction
CURRENT Work In Progress

The only thing Augustus "Gus" Brooks wanted to do after her high school graduation was get out of her small Midwestern town and never look back.

She really should have been more careful in what she wished for.

Seven years later and with a whole new life, Augustus receives a phone call that forces her right back to Yellow Falls.  What she had intended to be a quick trip turns out into a long summer stay.  Now she has to somehow make amends with the family she has ignored, the boyfriend she never quite broke up with, and come to terms with the incident that made her flee town in the first place.


"Fairy Tale" 
Genre: Young Adult - Fantasy/Fairy Tale 
Work In Progress

Photo Source: YA Paranormal

Harper stopped believing in fairy tales the night her father was brutally killed before her eyes. What she saw that night was a creature in a red hood, but that's not what the cameras caught. Nearly 10 years later, Harper cannot help but notice how things are starting to get strange. She's seeing things she saw as a child. Like a fairy in her locker, trolls tripping the basketball players, and then the biggest nightmare of all: the creature who killed her father. The moment she thinks she's safe, a realm opens up sucking her and her best friend into it.

Determined to get back home, Harper and Jesse take on the help of a guy named Mason and his band of not-so-merry men. But Mason seems to have his own agenda, and when they're found by Prince Easton who takes Harper captive, she's starting to realize her father failed to tell her the whole truth of who he really was.  Who her mother was, and most importantly, who she was destined to be.


The Unexpected Clash of Strangers
Genre: Women's Fiction
Work In Progress

Graphic Made by Cheryl

There is nothing worse than getting caught in a random winter storm. Especially if by some weird coincidence you’re wearing a red sequin flapper dress and reeking of tequila. How I get myself in these situations is beyond me. 

Grace didn't think her day could get any worse until she bumped into her ex-husband, Stephen, and his model size-two fiancée. Determined not to look like a loser, Grace does what she has to do: Lie.

Grabbing a complete stranger off the street, she introduces him as Ethan, her big-time corporate lawyer boyfriend. To explain her ridiculous outfit, she adds on another one: She's starring in a movie based in the 20's. What should have been a one-time lie spirals out of control. Now she has to try and keep her fake relationship, and somehow put a movie together. Will this struggling actress pull it off or will she fall flat on her face?