Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where have you traveled to?

visited 18 states (36%)

Kelsey over at Eat, Drink, and be a Tourist posted today of all the places she had been in the US. I had no idea a site could make a handy dandy map like this so I knew I had to do a post of my own. I love road trips. I think I get it from my Grandma and Grandpa. My Grandpa was a truck driver for years and years so if my Grandma wasn't hitting the road with him, they were taking their own little trips. I think the only state she never got to was maybe Hawaii. 

I've mainly traveled through the Midwest and Southern states. A lot of states I've been to were merely ones driven through like to Florida or to Michigan (pretty sure I puked in the backseat on that one - hey I was 6!).

One of my favorite trips which actually wasn't even a favorite at the time was when my aunt and I took a train from Oakland, California to Eugene, Oregon. I'd love to do that again because I was only 14 at the time, and well, I didn't really appreciate all the things I got to see back then. Of course the recent road trip (which at some point I'll finish doing my posts on that) with my sister to Tennessee was pretty freaking awesome! The best state I've been to? I love California, and have been blessed to have parents send me there 3 times during school to visit my aunt, but a few years back my sister's family, some friends, and I all drove to South Carolina to go on a cruise. I feel in love with Charleston, the place we had to port out of. Downtown Charleston was absolutely beautiful. Cobblestone walkways, big huge Victorian houses, and the walkway right next to the beach. Sadly, that's all I got to see before we had to board ship. I'm hoping next year I'll be going there again.

So what about you? Where have you traveled to?

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wannabe Writers #57

Wannabe Writers is my Internet writing group. Anyone is welcome to join! It's a place to meet other writers, ask questions, and get feedback. Find out more information and where to link up this week's post HERE!

Where I am at in the writing process: Unpublished. Currently have been working on The Unexpected Clash of Strangers. Some days I write a lot. Some days I don't write squat, and for once, I'm perfectly fine with either one.

My current problem(s): Not being near a computer when the writing bug bites me. I know this isn't a problem that can be fixed. I'm sitting in class, usually during Anatomy and Physiology, and while I should be taking all these massive notes, I find myself brainstorming on what I should do next with Gracie and Ethan-Dean. BUT then I get so anxious about the idea, I just wanna write right then!! And I can't because I'm stuck in class. Of course by the time I get home, the writing bug is gone.

This is also probably the reason why I pretty much bombed this week's tests too.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday Party: Pinwheels

About a month or so I got a new cupcake magazine, and in it there was a whole section on soda shoppe cupcakes. That sparked the idea for my niece's 12th birthday party this month. My sister lets me take control of all the decorating and things because I love doing this kind of stuff. (Last year I did Alice in Wonderland theme.)

So with the cupcake idea, I came up with a soda/candy shoppe party! I'm already doing a head start on all party supplies because I'm such a procrastionator at it. Last night I made the pinwheels which will be going on the table in soda bottles.

I learned how to make them from this link here.

Next up: Banner, lollipops, labels for candy jars, and a few other things! Since I still have until the 23rd, I'm opened to any ideas anyone has to add to the candy/soda shoppe theme :)

Monday, July 4, 2011

It's Just Another Music Monday - Novel Playlist

A couple weeks back the lovely Cheryl was sending me graphic links of all the old banners she had done in past stories. (Yes, we make graphic art for our stories. Okay, well Cheryl makes awesome graphic art. I made like two banners and they kind of sucked so I just bug her if I want something.)

One of the links was to my story: The Unexpected Clash of Strangers with the tweet of something on the lines of telling me she wanted to read more from the story. So me being all nostalgic opened up my file and what do you know? I've been writing on it some more! I forget sometimes that I actually like my own writing, and how much fun Gracie really is. I've been brainstorming like crazy (mainly during class - who needs all those medical transcription notes anyways?) and have been writing on it some more. My hopes are for it to be done by the end of the month so I can do Camp NaNo. We'll see how it goes.

Any novel playlist I have is ridiculously long, but here are a few songs that remind me of my main character, Gracie.

Yeah, I drive naked through the park
And run the stop sign in the dark
Stand in the street, yell out my heart
To make, to make you love me

I am extraordinary, if you'd ever get to know me
I am extraordinary, I am just your ordinary
Average every day sane psycho
Average every day sane psycho

Sugar Town by Zooey Deschanel
I got some troubles but they won't last
I'm gonna lay right down here in the grass
And pretty soon all my troubles will pass
'cause I'm in shoo-shoo-shoo, shoo-shoo-shoo
Shoo-shoo, shoo-shoo, shoo-shoo Sugar Town

You’ve got opinions, man
We’re all entitled to ‘em, but I never asked
So let me thank you for your time, and try not to waste anymore of mine
And get out of here fast

I hate to break it to you babe, but I’m not drowning
There’s no one here to save

Feel like an android
Living in a Polaroid
Just another reject
Who gets a little seasick
Whose life am I in?
Feels like deja vu
Don't know how or what to do
I point my finger to the sky
Finally ask the question why
Whose life am I in?
Whose life am I in?

You can probably see a trend on the song base I'm shooting for this novel playlist. So if you think of any songs that might fit, leave me a comment! I'm always up for new songs :)

Friday, July 1, 2011


This popped up in my e-mail earlier.

I don't know why people make fake accounts and pretend to be someone else. 

It's quite creepy. 

And more so if you pretend to be Robert Patinsen and start following me.