Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthday Party: Pinwheels

About a month or so I got a new cupcake magazine, and in it there was a whole section on soda shoppe cupcakes. That sparked the idea for my niece's 12th birthday party this month. My sister lets me take control of all the decorating and things because I love doing this kind of stuff. (Last year I did Alice in Wonderland theme.)

So with the cupcake idea, I came up with a soda/candy shoppe party! I'm already doing a head start on all party supplies because I'm such a procrastionator at it. Last night I made the pinwheels which will be going on the table in soda bottles.

I learned how to make them from this link here.

Next up: Banner, lollipops, labels for candy jars, and a few other things! Since I still have until the 23rd, I'm opened to any ideas anyone has to add to the candy/soda shoppe theme :)


  1. They look amazing! I always love the candy theme. there are so many directions you can go with it. I always love it when they have the color of the candy organized in the jars. :)

  2. thanks for asking about our views. Birthday is a very special day in everybody’s life. So it should be celebrated. but i like your idea thanks for sharing this article..

  3. wow! this looks like it is going to come together beautifully. i love the idea of using the soda bottles.



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