Thursday, July 7, 2011

Wannabe Writers #57

Wannabe Writers is my Internet writing group. Anyone is welcome to join! It's a place to meet other writers, ask questions, and get feedback. Find out more information and where to link up this week's post HERE!

Where I am at in the writing process: Unpublished. Currently have been working on The Unexpected Clash of Strangers. Some days I write a lot. Some days I don't write squat, and for once, I'm perfectly fine with either one.

My current problem(s): Not being near a computer when the writing bug bites me. I know this isn't a problem that can be fixed. I'm sitting in class, usually during Anatomy and Physiology, and while I should be taking all these massive notes, I find myself brainstorming on what I should do next with Gracie and Ethan-Dean. BUT then I get so anxious about the idea, I just wanna write right then!! And I can't because I'm stuck in class. Of course by the time I get home, the writing bug is gone.

This is also probably the reason why I pretty much bombed this week's tests too.


  1. Hi Amber! An internet writing group sounds like such a good motivator! I may need one of those once I'm further along in my writing. I feel the same way as you- I feel most creative when I am at my desk doing my real job. It is terrible trying to focus on boring things when you've got great ideas zooming through your head!

    You can do it!

  2. I need to take spiral notebooks around with me!!! Especially when I work. So my good ideas get lost because I don't have paper to write them down on. :(

  3. I end up writing at work sometimes, too. I take a composition book everywhere.

  4. I might be interested in joining something like this! :) I am just starting to really get into writing.


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