Monday, December 17, 2012

twenty-seven acts of kindness.

I've read some amazing posts and poems that have brought me to tears on what happened Friday morning. As I sit at my computer trying to put words of my own out in the world, it's hard to do. I am not a mother, but I am an aunt and I am a godmother. All I wanted to do was leave work and go hug the girls and give my nephew the biggest smooch ever the second I heard the news. I couldn't imagine as I saw them all later in the day how it would feel if one of them were at that school. If one of them didn't get to spend another second in our lives.

Those that lost their lives will always be remembered. All over the place I see people doing this. It's why I decided to join in on the twenty-seven acts of kindness. I don't plan on posting it or anything like that, but I love the concept behind it.

It's hard knowing we live in a world where people have this evil inside them that drives them into committing such horrifying acts as taking innocent lives. It's even harder knowing that no matter what sort of laws they instate, something like this could happen again. One thing a tragedy brings out in others is love. Love for those in your lives, kindness towards people you've never met, and knowing that you should never take anything for granted. I pray for the families and community that have to endure this and hope somehow, someway they can find their own peace.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Being Thankful: Days 8-13

. : day eight : . 
I friggin' hate exercising. (Obviously.) Maybe one of these days I'll be like those weirdos who get super excited about working out. Until then, I am thankful that I appointed Michelle, Brandie, and the famous Gym Nazi herself Amanda aka Hitler to yell at me daily so I get off my lazy bum and do the Hip Hop Abs program. You know what they say, 5th times the charm! 

.: day nine : .
 It's the little things we sometimes forget to be thankful about. The ability to get up in the morning and walk. Being able to hear when someone is speaking to you. Smell, touch, and taste. And for me this morning, I realized how thankful I am for all of these especially for my vision because without it I wouldn't be able to see how beautiful fall is right in my own front yard. 

. : day ten :
 Growing up Brandie and I didn't exactly get along. We'd call each other names, get into fights, sometimes a bloody nose would happen (ahem), and she would tell me stuff like how my Barbies came alive at night or how ghosts flew over my bed trying to kill me - ya know, all that normal siblings stuff. I am SO thankful we grew out of that stage and became as close as we are now. She is someone I can tell anything to and is the first person I go to for advice. I have no clue what I would do without my big sister! 

 . : day eleven : .
 I found it fitting to make today's post about my Grandpa who is a World War II Veteran. I've been completely blessed to have him in my life! He will be 90 years old in a couple months, and I can't even imagine what all he has seen in his life especially during all the trips him and my Grandma used to make. He has a huge heart for his family, the hardest working person I know, and would never pass up a moment to have a cup of coffee if you came out to his house. Even though his health isn't like it used to be and sometimes his memory is foggy he still has that snarky personality we all love. There is never a dull conversation with him, and I am thankful to be his *cough favorite cough* granddaughter! 

I also wrote a little something here about my Grandpa being a solider. 

. : day twelve :. 
 Today I am thankful that I'm learning how to just let things go especially things I have no control over. I still may not respond best in situations, but I know I'm getting there. 

. : day thirteen : . 
Today I am thankful that Emily  and I completely kicked butt and got EVERYTHING caught up today at work!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Confessions V2

i must confess.....

i'm totally giving up on nanowrimo.... it's not in me this month and i'm okay with that. i do love my new take on yet another version of Just Call Me Gus. we'll see where i go with it

i watched breaking dawn yesterday and i friggin' love that they changed it.... that book was like a walking into some bad fanfiction.  i was so disappointed in how that plot was. i don't care what anyone says: "imprinting" is gross. if the book had that massive twist that the movie had i probably would have enjoyed it. though by the second 'ahhh omg what is this?!' moment i did get really ticked and teary eyed. don't mess with my favorite.

i haven't done dishes in a week.... when you live by yourself i guess you can say it's okay, but when you make almost every meal at home, it's really not. some people have suggested i take up paper plates, but after doing a paper on how badly mother nature hates us i say it's my little 'going green' moment.

i've been listening to country music on my own free will.... i don't know what is wrong with me.

this song pretty much sums out how i plan on spending the rest of the day....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Story of a Solider.

My Grandpa in Germany during World War II 

Growing up, I knew my Grandpa had served in the army, but I always knew it was something he didn't like to talk about. We know from history that a lot of those who were lucky enough to come back from any war keep things buried deep inside, and they do this rightfully so.

In 2008 I had went out to my Grandpa's house and visited him on his birthday. He has always been the type of man who likes to tell stories or give his opinion. During that visit he started to tell me about his life when he was younger. I asked him if he had enlisted in the army and he laughed and shook his head.

"I got a letter in the mail saying your friends of family of America have asked you to serve your country in the US Army," he told me.  "The first thing I thought, friends and family, my ass!" 

He went on to tell me where he spent most of the time in Germany, and some of the buddies he made over there. He didn't mention how he was a Sargent or how he won all the medals that are in a box up in his attic. He didn't talk about how hard it was or how scared he was even though I knew he had to have been especially at such a young age. Instead my Grandpa, being who he is, told me more comical stories that involved him having too many drinks. Like how he wound up with a huge dagger tattoo on his right arm that has a snake wrapped around it.

"Me and a buddy had to be in Chicago just for about a day or two before heading back to Germany. Your Aunt Marie was living there at the time and after I visited with her, me and him hit the bars. The next morning I woke up on your Aunt Marie's floor with a big bandage on my arm. I ripped it off and seen this thing on there. Don't ask me how I got it and don't ask me what it's supposed to say on the handle there because I didn't know back then either!  And that's why, Amber Dawn, you should never get drunk in Chicago."

My Grandpa served his time in the army and stayed in Germany until the war had ended. He said he could still remember being in that abandoned mansion with his troop. They were celebrating, and one of them realized a German troop was doing the same on the other side.

"And all I could think was I sure as hell hope someone gave those Germans the memo the war was over." 

When he came back to the states he continued his life in Michigan where he met my Grandma. I asked him if it was love at first site and he laughed so hard. "All we did was fight the first six months we knew one another. Come to think about it, that never really stopped.  Ma was quite the woman, ya know." He wasn't lying. My Grandma was as tough as nails and he loved her. Together they had four children, two boys and two girls and one day decided to move their family from Michigan to California where my Grandpa worked many different jobs then became a truck driver. Around the time my mom was sixteen my Grandpa moved them to Missouri to the town where I currently live. He still worked as a truck driver and invested in real estate where my grandparents rented out business buildings,  houses, and ran a liquor store for a while. His full-time job of truck driving went down to part-time and finally my Grandpa hung his hat up and "retired" to running his own farm and cattle.

During those years him and my Grandma traveled like crazy. Their house was filled with family and two overly hyped up blonde girls, my sister and I, who loved being out on the farm whether it be fishing or riding on the tractor. In 1996 my Grandma passed away due to a stroke and one year later, my Grandpa lost his youngest son.  Looking back, I have so much admiration for this this man. He was so strong during all of it. He always, no matter what has ever happened, continued to move forward.

Three weeks after I had sat at his kitchen table listening to him tell stories of his life while he drank his coffee and I drank Dr. Pepper, I received a shocking call that he was possibly having a stroke. I drove out there, checked on him, and after much time my mother finally convinced him to go to the hospital. That possible stroke turned out to be many strokes. A couple weeks later another massive stroke hit him. We weren't for sure if he was going to make it. It seemed that he was just going to give up. I think because of his strong will, or quite possibly the fact that the man is the most stubborn person alive, decided he wanted to go home and that's where he went. He still gets to live on his farm, not by himself anymore, but with the help of others he still moves forward.

In two months my Grandpa will be turning ninety. Ninety. Can you imagine living that long? I can't begin to imagine all the things he has seen or expericed in his life. Because of the strokes he now suffers from dimensia so I regret never getting to really ask him things because he doesn't quite remember. There are still moments where I walk into the door and he yells out a big, "Hello Amber Dawn!" We all take advantage of his good days. Letting him tell us the same story, even though we have heard it five times before, or share something new. I know I will never work as hard in my life as my Grandpa has. Having him in my life and knowing the things he has accomplished constantly inspires me.

I thank him for serving his country. 

I thank him because he was raised in a generation of respect and always held it high.

I thank him for coming back from war and living his life to the fullest when so many weren't given that chance.

I thank him for reminding me how lucky I truly am.

And I thank all soldiers from the past, present, and future that continue to fight for the United States of America so that you and I can live here in this freedom we sometimes forget we have.

My Grandpa, Veterans Day 2012, talking to his great-grandson.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

And on the 10th day of NaNoWriMo, I really loose my mind.

I had been slacking majorly when it came to my cult story idea for NaNoWriMo. I barely reached over 7K on the 7th day. In my mind the most logical thing to do was to keep fighting it. Try to write this story that was  like pulling teeth. On the 8th day, I told my writing buddy Cheryl that I couldn't do it. This story was just not in me even though I thought it was.

So, I've switched my story up. On the 10th day of NaNoWriMo, I'm starting ALL OVER. Crazy? Yes. Will it get done? I have no idea. Can I even write anymore? Of course. Am I torturing myself because I've decided to tackle my baby novel, Gus? Yes. Yes. Yes. This time I'm going for a young adult novel again. More so because I need to know how her life was her senior year of high school.  All the events that lead up to the one reason why she took off running from her home town. Maybe if I can really figure it out, I can write the story that has been brewing around in this head of mine since 2008.

Or I could just go freaking crazy and dump it again. You know, whichever happens to go first. 

How is your NaNoWriMo going? Stuck in a rut? Wanting to pull your hair out yet? 

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Being Thankful: Days 1-7

This is just a lil' something-something that I (along with half the population of Facebook) have been doing. Now I'm spreading my thankfulness onto here. Really, even on the most craptastic days, we all have something to be thankful about. This little meme type thang reminds me of that. 

. : day one : .
Even on tiring weeks like this, I am still so very thankful for my job at OMC and the great group of ladies I get to work with!

. : day two : . 
I am thankful for my nice and comfy bed that I refuse to get out of for another 10 minutes.

. : day three : .
Being an aunt is a pretty awesome gig. I wouldn't trade Nanner, Case, or Gatman for the world. I hope each of these little demons know how much I love them, and how thankful I am to be called Annie :)

. : day four : . 
Sometimes a girl just needs a day where she can get some stuff done, but still be lazy in between. I am thankful today is that day. 

 . : day five : . 
 I may not be where I want to be in life, but I am thankful I'm not where I used to be. 

 . : day six : . 
 I may not agree with a lot of people running today, but I am thankful I live in a country where I can make up my own mind to decide who is better for the job. Go out and vote today!! 

 . : day seven : . 
 I am thankful, not just today but everyday, for my faith, the power of prayer, God's grace and love, and for everything He has blessed me with.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Confessions V1

I must confess.... I kinda feel skanky being a brunette. No offense to anyone who is a brunette!  I love the color on others, but I think it's a post-blonde thing. It just doesn't look like me in photos.  My goal is to keep it light brown until February to help it get healthy again, but I'm not for sure how long I can last.

I must confess.... I have no drive for NaNoWriMo this year. Like at all.  I know if I don't go for it, I will be so disappointed in myself so I will force each and every word until I reach 50K. 

I must confess.... I am so excited for Christmas like you wouldn't believe! I have no idea why , but it is taking all my might not to rearrange my living room so I can put my tree up. 

I must confess.... I was totally singing Call Me Maybe this morning with no shame whatsoever. 

I must confess....   I am skipping church today because I don't feel like changing out of my pajamas. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The late Halloween post

I am so bummed. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I was totally lame this year. No decorating pumpkins, dressing up, or making everything pumpkin spiced! One thing I didn't slack at was the yearly tradition of helping out with costumes!

My sister's family are big fans of Duck Dynasty. Gatlin already had the camo gear so I suggested making him the newest Duck Commander! I laughed so hard when we put the beard up to him. He seriously rocked it!

Breanna and I went on a costume search like we do every year. We're seriously dissapointed with Party City. Second year in a row we've gone there and have found nothing so now we're making Spirit Halloween our go-to place. The second we walked in there, Bree spotted just what she wanted. I loved that she chose the Mad Hatter seeing as Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories. She looked so pretty too. My little niece is growing up to be a beautiful little lady even if it freaks me out when she wears makeup.

I volunteered to take Bree and her friends trick-or-treating so my sister could stay home with Gatlin and pass out candy. There was a football game the same night so there weren't as many houses handing out candy as there normally is. Under the two hours I did take three tweeny girls out, I was beat! I have no idea how my Momma hauled me, my sister, and a buttload of other kids in our station wagon growing up for hours and hours on end then still treating all of us to McDonald's afterwards without wanting to pass out!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Calling myself out!

My name is Amber and I'm a dirty rotten quitter.

I'm also a brunette now with shorter hair, but that has nothing to do with this post. 

I always thought I just burnt out on things easily. I loose interest and move on to something else. Nothing can hold my interest because I just want to do everything! Really, I'm a quitter. I don't stick with things. I was doing FANTASTIC almost two months ago with Hip Hop Abs. I went down to 179 pounds (started out this year at 195), lost almost 3 inches (!!) off my waist in under two weeks. What do I do? I was watching what I was eating so well for months. And what do I do? 

I let the fat lazy girl in me take control. 

She says Hip Hop Abs? Pfftt there is a Real Housewives marathon on! Going home and cooking dinner? Oh hai, there McDonald's. I would love to waste five bucks on you. Water? Pfftt, large vanilla coke please! Pretty much the fat lazy girl in me wins all the time. This fat girl also wastes money that the poor girl in me does not have. I was blogging monthly there for a while on weight loss. Mainly rambles on what I was attempting to do to loose weight. Since I really want to start blogging and honestly just writing in general, I've decided to hold myself accountable. 

I'm tired of being fat.
I'm tired of being lazy.
I'm tired of feeling so absolutely ridiculously sluggish all the time.
I'm tired of putting myself down when really there is too much awesomeness in life.

Times a wastin' so me and all my fatness will be doing updates on here. Don't want to read about how I plan on taking my size 15 jeans into something slimmer because I've failed many times at it? That's cool. Want to yell at me and tell me to put down the Reeses? That's cool too. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

NaNoWriMo 2012. Bring. It. On.

There is just something so amazing about NaNoWriMo.
You're able to meet other writers.
You can cheer each other on via the boards, blogs, twitter, and facebook.
It gives this idea you can CONQUER THE WORLD.

Sometimes it fizzles out.
Sometimes you have no idea what you're doing.
What you even wrote twenty pages ago.
But that's okay.

NaNoWriMo gives people who never thought about writing a book a chance.
It gives those who have written a book or many books the chance to do it all over again.
It gives back a spirit.
Especially to me. 

I am a girl who has always dreamed of being an author.
I am a girl who has seemed to have lost her motivation.
Lost her characters.
Her ideas.
And seemingly has lost her mind.

That's the beauty of NaNoWriMo.
It gives the umph to get back in the game.
To stare at this blank bulletin board and know.

Know that I want it back.
And I know I'm going to get it back.

50,000 words.
30 days.
A young adult story about a cult.
A handful of characters with barely any names.
And an idea that I have no clue where its going.

I'm ready for ya, NaNo. 

Bring. It. On.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Leave it to my family....

Ladies, forget letting your friends set you up or trying to date online - just put your adorable little nephew in a stroller and GO! 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

gluten-free breakfast ideas

I started trying to keep a semi gluten-free lifestyle since June. When I fall off the wagon, I can tell. Like last night I was at my friend's reception (she was a beautiful bride!!), and there were so many yummy things in miniature size that I dove right in. Today? Bloated, bloated, and a little cramped.

The worst is that's how I've been eating here lately. Letting small amounts of gluten in has never been a big deal. When it comes to breads and pastas - forget it, but other things that have gluten like baked goods, I've nibbled on....fine. More than nibbled. I can tell a big difference in how I feel and how I look. Did you know your digestive system does play a role in acne? Yep. Back when I was having massive stomach issues I would have tons of acne on my chin and on the sides. Turns out that part of your face is due to hydration and  digestive. Since I've been a gluten eater, my chin (along with my stomach) has taken a blow.

I went to the Holy Grail aka Pinterest and wanted to start looking for ideas. Boy, did I find TONS! But who would expect less? You can find anything on that site. Here are some breakfast ideas I plan on trying over the next couple weeks to spice up my lovely oatmeal (oats do not bother me, but they do bother some who have gluten intolerance) and turkey bacon breakfast.

Are you a g-free eater? How do you mix up your breakfast? Feel free to post links or even recipes in the comments. I'd love to hear your ideas!

Monday, October 1, 2012

btw, i'm an aunt!!

His name is Gatlin Joe.
Joe is after my Padre.

He's perfect.

He was born on September 25th.
I couldn't be there because of work - boo!
But I did get the first picture :)
And I snuggled him a few hours later.

He's 9 pounds 7.5 ounces 
Yes, he's a BIG BOY!
But I like that.
Cause he doesn't seem fragile.
And he doesn't have that weird newborn smashed wrinkly face.

He's 22.5 inches long.
And he already lifts his head up.
When he's starving, he will straight up attack your face with his mouth.

I love him to pieces.

I thank God for blessing our family with him.

....and he's kinda given me baby fever.
.........and that really freaks me out.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blowing some dust off the ole' blog!

Holy crap is it seriously already the middle of September? Since July life has been one big flash and I feel like I fell off the face of the Earth in a lot of cases especially when it came to blogging. There was so much stuff I wanted to do this summer, but couldn't due to the miserable heat. I don't know about you, but sweating like a whore in church is not my idea of a fun time! Even when I was stuck inside you'd think I would have been writing or reading, but nope. I couldn't tell you the last time I really sat down with one of my novels and let my plot or characters take me away.

BUT a lot of changes have happened in the past couple months. When 2012 came I told myself this was going to be my big year of change. I no longer wanted old habits or feelings making their toxic way into my life again. Not just with my faith, but my mindset. I've never been more anxious for new things.  In some ways I've let myself latch onto things and people who are not necessarily good for me. That's okay. You live and you learn. For me, I'm enjoying the ride and knowing I live a very blessed life. I want to get back into the blogging world. To use this space to work on my writing and creative ideas that come to me. 

I hope the last part of summer was great for everyone! Because it's pouring down rain and I am still in my jammers at almost two o'clock in the afternoon, why not share some of the highlights of summer: 

Cardinals game with the best friend. 

Throwing my Sister's baby shower. I cannot wait for Gatlin to be here on September 25th!! 

Birthday parties, birthday parties, baby showers, spending time with Case and Nanner, bbq's, loving my goddaughters, art walk, having a blast with friends, movie name it, I was doing it this summer.

Loosing 15+ pounds...gaining some back...loosing it again...the back and forth battle I'm still doing and not giving up.

Oh, and I said goodbye to my 5 years and 9 months of the deli/bakery life and a BIG HELLO to my SNAZZY NEW JOB!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!

I wish I could say I'll be out shooting fireworks tonight and dancing around the yard with sprinklers, but due to the dry weather we're all waiting for a massive rain before that will be happening. I did, however, go to the lake last weekend for an early 4th of July celebration! I had a blast hanging out with my family and friends even in the triple digit heat weather. It was too hot to be out on the boat, but we hung out at the pool, watched the parade (which consists of everyone decking out their golf carts), had a bbq at a friend's camper, and watched the fireworks later that night!

The camera decided to poop out on us so the only picture I snapped besides the beautiful lake you can see here is my brother-in-law at his finest in the parade. If you're thinking he reminds you of Larry the Cable Guy you'd be correct on that.

But on the more serious note, 4th of July isn't just about fireworks and get-togethers, it's the celebration of our freedom. Though this country has a lot of issues and a lot of things that wrong with it, there is a lot of good too. I'm reminded of a few things today like how I am allowed to believe in God and go to the church of my choosing, as a woman I can wear what I want in public and never have to hide my face, I can speak my opinion even though sometimes it may not be the best thing, and I can pursue so many dreams that I want to have in my life. I think sometimes, especially with how things are at this moment, we forget how lucky our lives are here and how thankful we should be for all the service men and woman who are keeping and have kept that freedom for us. If you are one of those fine people, thank you thank you thank you.

I hope you all have a very fantastic (and safe) day of freedom!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a must list of summer

. :Summer 2012 Must Haves: .

cute polished toes
 flip flops, flip flops, flip flops
upbeat tunes
favorite pair of sunglasses
air on me 
lots and lots of water or fruity drinks
fresh fruit
homemade ice cream 

. :Summer 2012 Must Do's: . 

more aunt/niece and aunt/nephew days
swim my little heart out
spend more time with friends
sunday dinners with the family
take more photos
go to the ozark empire fair
go to an art walk
 fourth of july celebration at the lake 
(picture above is of that)
harry potter marathon
work on crafting ninja skills

. :Summer 2012 Must Feels: .


Monday, July 2, 2012

Weight Loss Sucks - 15 POUNDS DOWN!

Sooo I haven't did a monthly update on my weight loss since March mainly cause the last two months of school killed me. I started out at the beginning of the year at 195 then went up to 197 and kinda yo-yo around the 189 for a while and maintaining it for a couple months. I've been fighting some bad stomach issues for a year (as of the beginning of June). I've had just about every test you can think of done, and then started doing things for myself like cutting out a massive part of gluten from my eating. While I still have some bad days, I have more good than normal and a lot of issues are fading away. Since carbs were a huge part of my diet (I'm the head baker at my work for crying out loud!), I've dropped a little more weight which brings me to the grand total as of two days ago to.....

182 pounds!

That means I have lost 15 pounds!!! 

Because of all my stomach crud I had went into my old doctor's a few weeks back to get put on a new medication. I hadn't been there in two years and she told me since my last visit I've lost 21 pounds! Looking back at photos I can definitely see a difference with my body which I plan on posting on the next month's update. I know going semi-gluten free isn't going to necessarily help me loose ton of weight since most gluten free products do have a higher calorie count, but since I don't have a lot of products available in my area, I am making healthier decisions on what I eat. Tons of fruits, veggies, and leaner meats! And water is like my favorite thing now which is so odd to say, but since it's about a billion degrees outside (PLEASE GOD LET IT RAIN!) I am sucking that down like I'm a friggin' plant. 

Today is my first day of Hip Hop Abs. Oh, this is gonna be fun. (<-- I'm using my sarcasm font in case you didn't catch it.)

Friday, June 29, 2012

I ripped up a book and I liked it.

I more in likely committed a bookwormer's sin a while back, but it was all in the name of art so that's forgiven, right?

I saw the idea of putting this all together on a blog that I now cannot find the link to! If you happen to have seen something similar please leave it in the comment section so I can give some credit. When I saw the idea, I knew I wanted to create one. It wasn't hard for me to figure out what book needed to be sacrificed. If you know me well enough you know it had to be This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen. It's my all-time favorite book, and during high school and still today, Sarah Dessen is an author I admire because she can write such great contemporary novels.

Some of the pages include:

page 344 where the lyrics to the song are,
page 182 Remy showing Dexter the science of laundry
page 307 just one of the many spots where Hate Spinnerbait comes about
page 173 Dexter informs Remy she loves him because she bought him plastic ware
page 148 Dexter and Remy grocery shopping together - "What if I embarrass you? What if I break some heirloom family china? Or talk about you in your underwear?" 
page 336 - "Did you really believe, that first day, that we were meant to be together?" I asked him. Enough said. 

Then I brewed a cup of coffee, took out the filter and started dabbing the pages. While they dried, I laid out how I wanted my scrapbook pages to go, grabbed some Mod Podge, and got to placing.  After the pages were dry, I started layering them around.  IN some ways I wish I would have done more layering with the scrapbook pages, but all in all I still love the end result. The lettering was some K & Company ones I had lying around. Kinda of crazy how perfectly they matched with it!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

five questions

I saw this over at pocketful of pretty and I'm bored on this blazing 105 and up summer day so I'm rolling with it.

 5 places you need to visit: 
 New York

5 places you would love to call home: 
Hhmm this one had me thinking because I've only moved outside my hometown once. 
San Diego
St. Augustine 

Top 5 favorite things in your life: 
This very moment:
Being a crafting ninja 
My record player
The smell of summer
Growing closer and closer in my faith 

 5 things you want to cross off your bucket list or goal list this year:
Start an Etsy shop
Finish a novel
Get a new tattoo
Loose 30 pounds (13 down - holla!)
Take a mini road trip

 5 random facts about yourself: 
 My entire name is in the dictionary. 
By the time I die I will have spent 8 to 10 years of my life riding in a car listening to music for fun. 
I freaking hate snakes. Like screaming - cursing type of reaction when I see one. 
I randomly break out into song and dance. You've been warned if we ever meet. 
I have a smell phobia which means I carry deodorant in my purse at all times and have a much too large collection of perfumes and body sprays. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY: Fabric Covered Bookcase

After doing the kitchen I was on a kick to do more. I have a lot of dark wood furniture in my living room. I'm still in the process of fixing things up in there as well. Like the trim you'll see in the pictures, it has got to go! The green is now clashing with a lot of things, and I don't like it at all.

I had seen on Pinterest  about how you can stencil your bookcase, paint a bookcase, but I liked the idea of putting fabric on the removable boards a lot better. My bookcases are the cheap ones from Wal-Mart, and to be honest it's a miracle this thing hasn't collapsed yet so taking off the backing was a no-no. Plus it didn't hurt that the fabric I liked was on a super cheap clearance.

. : Before : . 

When I said I had been ignoring my house, I wasn't exactly lying. Just look how bare that is!

. : Middle : . 

. : After : .

I didn't bother doing the bottom shelf due to my records being there, but I'm kinda giddy that it's building up nicely :)

Things I learned during this project:

a. I still cannot cut a straight line
b. I need to hit up some flea markets to find neat stuff to add onto my bookcase
c. Always put newspaper down when working on the coffee table. 

Monday, June 25, 2012

DIY: Sprucing up the kitchen

I've been on this crazy crafting spree for a while now. I think it's the lack of not constantly having to be somewhere and do something. Lemme just say, it's freaking awesome having to spare time to do whatever I please. I've ignored my kitchen like crazy and have been taking it one section at a time.

The place is small, I don't call it Little House for nothing, and the kitchen? Very tiny. Thankfully my landlord had a baker's rack for me to use so I could add stuff on it. Only problem was the wire type racks. Nothing would fit on there right so after getting so annoyed one day, I just cut up some foam boards and threw them on there. I couldn't leave it like that for long because it was just dull. That's where a little bit of fabric and my trusty friend Mod Podge came in hand.



Looks so much better!

There this thing in my genes (comes from my Padre's side of the family) where we hate seeing any wall bare so I wanted to add a little something-something above it. 

And now my little corner of the kitchen is complete! 

Things I learned by doing this:

a. I suck at cutting a straight line. 
b. An exacto type knife will hurt you.
c. Spray painting plastic frames is a pain in the rear. 

I've also decided to set up an etsy shop in the future and thought about doing a few different type wall art projects like I did with the cherries and fork. What's your opinion on them?