Monday, October 29, 2012

Calling myself out!

My name is Amber and I'm a dirty rotten quitter.

I'm also a brunette now with shorter hair, but that has nothing to do with this post. 

I always thought I just burnt out on things easily. I loose interest and move on to something else. Nothing can hold my interest because I just want to do everything! Really, I'm a quitter. I don't stick with things. I was doing FANTASTIC almost two months ago with Hip Hop Abs. I went down to 179 pounds (started out this year at 195), lost almost 3 inches (!!) off my waist in under two weeks. What do I do? I was watching what I was eating so well for months. And what do I do? 

I let the fat lazy girl in me take control. 

She says Hip Hop Abs? Pfftt there is a Real Housewives marathon on! Going home and cooking dinner? Oh hai, there McDonald's. I would love to waste five bucks on you. Water? Pfftt, large vanilla coke please! Pretty much the fat lazy girl in me wins all the time. This fat girl also wastes money that the poor girl in me does not have. I was blogging monthly there for a while on weight loss. Mainly rambles on what I was attempting to do to loose weight. Since I really want to start blogging and honestly just writing in general, I've decided to hold myself accountable. 

I'm tired of being fat.
I'm tired of being lazy.
I'm tired of feeling so absolutely ridiculously sluggish all the time.
I'm tired of putting myself down when really there is too much awesomeness in life.

Times a wastin' so me and all my fatness will be doing updates on here. Don't want to read about how I plan on taking my size 15 jeans into something slimmer because I've failed many times at it? That's cool. Want to yell at me and tell me to put down the Reeses? That's cool too. 

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  1. Although I don't agree with you, I understand. I feel like I'm a quitter. Well, I know I am. But you just have too much going on at once. So... be nicer to yourself!


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