Monday, October 1, 2012

btw, i'm an aunt!!

His name is Gatlin Joe.
Joe is after my Padre.

He's perfect.

He was born on September 25th.
I couldn't be there because of work - boo!
But I did get the first picture :)
And I snuggled him a few hours later.

He's 9 pounds 7.5 ounces 
Yes, he's a BIG BOY!
But I like that.
Cause he doesn't seem fragile.
And he doesn't have that weird newborn smashed wrinkly face.

He's 22.5 inches long.
And he already lifts his head up.
When he's starving, he will straight up attack your face with his mouth.

I love him to pieces.

I thank God for blessing our family with him.

....and he's kinda given me baby fever.
.........and that really freaks me out.


  1. Congrats again to you and your family!! He's gorgeous! My daughters were big like that. My son was smaller and he felt more fragile lol I don't like that either. I'm so happy for you guys!

    And... baby fever, eh?

    1. Thanks, Cheryl!! You're so right! I think of my friends that have had tiny babies and with Gatlin I can just pick him up and not freak out lol He already lifts his head up! When he super hungry, if you have him up on your shoulder like patting him, he'll turn and start pecking at your face with his lips cause he wants his bottle. It is so cute!

  2. Aww he is so precious!! I loved when the kids used to try to eat my face. I would laugh so hard lol. I want to see more pictures! It's funny, but I think that right now would have been the time my body would have wanted kids. That biological clock thing. I get like the ghost of it every so often. So if I didn't have kids in my early twenties I would have been popping them out now lol.


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