Saturday, November 3, 2012

The late Halloween post

I am so bummed. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I was totally lame this year. No decorating pumpkins, dressing up, or making everything pumpkin spiced! One thing I didn't slack at was the yearly tradition of helping out with costumes!

My sister's family are big fans of Duck Dynasty. Gatlin already had the camo gear so I suggested making him the newest Duck Commander! I laughed so hard when we put the beard up to him. He seriously rocked it!

Breanna and I went on a costume search like we do every year. We're seriously dissapointed with Party City. Second year in a row we've gone there and have found nothing so now we're making Spirit Halloween our go-to place. The second we walked in there, Bree spotted just what she wanted. I loved that she chose the Mad Hatter seeing as Alice in Wonderland is one of my favorite stories. She looked so pretty too. My little niece is growing up to be a beautiful little lady even if it freaks me out when she wears makeup.

I volunteered to take Bree and her friends trick-or-treating so my sister could stay home with Gatlin and pass out candy. There was a football game the same night so there weren't as many houses handing out candy as there normally is. Under the two hours I did take three tweeny girls out, I was beat! I have no idea how my Momma hauled me, my sister, and a buttload of other kids in our station wagon growing up for hours and hours on end then still treating all of us to McDonald's afterwards without wanting to pass out!

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