Monday, November 19, 2012

Being Thankful: Days 8-13

. : day eight : . 
I friggin' hate exercising. (Obviously.) Maybe one of these days I'll be like those weirdos who get super excited about working out. Until then, I am thankful that I appointed Michelle, Brandie, and the famous Gym Nazi herself Amanda aka Hitler to yell at me daily so I get off my lazy bum and do the Hip Hop Abs program. You know what they say, 5th times the charm! 

.: day nine : .
 It's the little things we sometimes forget to be thankful about. The ability to get up in the morning and walk. Being able to hear when someone is speaking to you. Smell, touch, and taste. And for me this morning, I realized how thankful I am for all of these especially for my vision because without it I wouldn't be able to see how beautiful fall is right in my own front yard. 

. : day ten :
 Growing up Brandie and I didn't exactly get along. We'd call each other names, get into fights, sometimes a bloody nose would happen (ahem), and she would tell me stuff like how my Barbies came alive at night or how ghosts flew over my bed trying to kill me - ya know, all that normal siblings stuff. I am SO thankful we grew out of that stage and became as close as we are now. She is someone I can tell anything to and is the first person I go to for advice. I have no clue what I would do without my big sister! 

 . : day eleven : .
 I found it fitting to make today's post about my Grandpa who is a World War II Veteran. I've been completely blessed to have him in my life! He will be 90 years old in a couple months, and I can't even imagine what all he has seen in his life especially during all the trips him and my Grandma used to make. He has a huge heart for his family, the hardest working person I know, and would never pass up a moment to have a cup of coffee if you came out to his house. Even though his health isn't like it used to be and sometimes his memory is foggy he still has that snarky personality we all love. There is never a dull conversation with him, and I am thankful to be his *cough favorite cough* granddaughter! 

I also wrote a little something here about my Grandpa being a solider. 

. : day twelve :. 
 Today I am thankful that I'm learning how to just let things go especially things I have no control over. I still may not respond best in situations, but I know I'm getting there. 

. : day thirteen : . 
Today I am thankful that Emily  and I completely kicked butt and got EVERYTHING caught up today at work!


  1. Beautiful post and to show all your appreciation for the little things in life that alot of us take for granted. :)

  2. I simply agree with you. People often disregard the miracle of waking up every morning, being able to smell the flowers and hear beautiful sounds of the birds chirping around. I think there’s so much thank for in life only that we are sometimes blinded of material things. Thanks again for the inspiration! God Bless!


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