Tuesday, June 26, 2012

DIY: Fabric Covered Bookcase

After doing the kitchen I was on a kick to do more. I have a lot of dark wood furniture in my living room. I'm still in the process of fixing things up in there as well. Like the trim you'll see in the pictures, it has got to go! The green is now clashing with a lot of things, and I don't like it at all.

I had seen on Pinterest  about how you can stencil your bookcase, paint a bookcase, but I liked the idea of putting fabric on the removable boards a lot better. My bookcases are the cheap ones from Wal-Mart, and to be honest it's a miracle this thing hasn't collapsed yet so taking off the backing was a no-no. Plus it didn't hurt that the fabric I liked was on a super cheap clearance.

. : Before : . 

When I said I had been ignoring my house, I wasn't exactly lying. Just look how bare that is!

. : Middle : . 

. : After : .

I didn't bother doing the bottom shelf due to my records being there, but I'm kinda giddy that it's building up nicely :)

Things I learned during this project:

a. I still cannot cut a straight line
b. I need to hit up some flea markets to find neat stuff to add onto my bookcase
c. Always put newspaper down when working on the coffee table. 


  1. I love it, Amber!! The fabric makes all the difference in the world. I love the A&Z too :)

  2. I didn't know there was a Hans Christian Anderson version of those B&N pretty book! We have Poe, Shakespeare, and Hitchhikers Guide at my apartment.

  3. Um, can you come do some stuff in my apartment?! :) The bookcase looks all new and shiny. I love it! I also like the A&Z.


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