Thursday, June 28, 2012

five questions

I saw this over at pocketful of pretty and I'm bored on this blazing 105 and up summer day so I'm rolling with it.

 5 places you need to visit: 
 New York

5 places you would love to call home: 
Hhmm this one had me thinking because I've only moved outside my hometown once. 
San Diego
St. Augustine 

Top 5 favorite things in your life: 
This very moment:
Being a crafting ninja 
My record player
The smell of summer
Growing closer and closer in my faith 

 5 things you want to cross off your bucket list or goal list this year:
Start an Etsy shop
Finish a novel
Get a new tattoo
Loose 30 pounds (13 down - holla!)
Take a mini road trip

 5 random facts about yourself: 
 My entire name is in the dictionary. 
By the time I die I will have spent 8 to 10 years of my life riding in a car listening to music for fun. 
I freaking hate snakes. Like screaming - cursing type of reaction when I see one. 
I randomly break out into song and dance. You've been warned if we ever meet. 
I have a smell phobia which means I carry deodorant in my purse at all times and have a much too large collection of perfumes and body sprays. 

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