Monday, June 18, 2012

Writing, writing, writing, and then....nothing.

I know I am. so. not. alone. in this horrible moment where you're all excited for your story, and your fingers cannot pound out the ideas fast enough.  You have no problem spending all your free time sitting at your computer, cluttering it up with dishes, music blaring, and ignoring phone calls unless it happens to be your writing buddy (ies).  You think to yourself: This is it! *insert crazy mad laugh* This is going to be THE story!

And then....

It just kinda dies.

I'm not experiencing writer's block. Trust me, I know when I have that. I'm experiencing....well, I'm not for sure. I don't want to call it boredom because writing is anything BUT boring. Laziness, maybe? No drive at all?

Due to me reading more fantasy novels and watching Game of Thrones (ohmoigah - loovveee), I started in on Fairy Tale Novel again.  Now I told myself I wasn't supposed to touch any other ideas until Gus Novel was done, but two wise writing buddies told me to just go where my muse was, and it was there. So there. I'm talking like the above paragraph kind of there, and then I just lost my desire to keep writing it. Or ANYTHING for that matter. I have all these ideas. Tons of notes and storyboards crammed full of inspiration, but still I don't want to write them.

I don't know what's wrong with me.

But I don't like it.

I no like it at all.


  1. What you're experiencing is definitely normal. Some stories just come spilling out and you couldn't be happier with how and where things are headed. Usually however, that's unfortunately not the norm. I've had a ton of those moments of writing helplessness where I just want to stop writing and forget about it altogether. It's tricky because you have this image of how great you want everything to be yet when you write it's not at all what you want or were expecting. I think taking a break can be helpful as the urge to write always returns. Sometimes however, it can also be helpful to write through these moments. I came across this guest blog post by Sara Zarr that I think we can all relate to with writing.

  2. Definitely been there. I think when you don't have to worry about publishing deadlines, you might as well have fun and go wherever you please with your stories and which stories you want to do.

  3. Yeah...I'm definitely kind of working on three huge projects at once...whoops. That was definitely not supposed to happen. But what can you do?

  4. At least you've gotten started! I have so many ideas, pages and pages and pages of notes, but no real story and no real commitment. Oof!
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