Monday, June 11, 2012

Music Monday: The Vinyl Haul

I went on an album search the other day in my parents' attic. My Padre has probably over 700 records or at least that was his last count years ago. I go over and borrow them because as he's told me many of times the only way they'll actually be mine is when he's 'kicked the bucket' and since I'm kinda partial to my Padre, I'm quite fine with just borrowing them. As my mom likes to throw in some of those were hers too and he's not the keeper of the records :)

This haul includes: 

The B-52's: Cosmic Thing
Blondie: Parallel Lines
Black Sabbath: Technical Ecstasy, Volume 4, and Master of Reality
Madonna: Like a Virgin
Prince: 1999
Cheech and Chong's Greatest Hits
The Eagles: Hotel California

There has been a lot of dancing in the mornings, busting out the air guitar, and rocking out like a complete fool. I heart me some vinyl!


  1. Most people that yearn for a career in audio are not going to be satisfied with a career as a sound tech or a live mixer at the local venue that changes names and owners as often as kegs of beer. Some people are.

    1. Why thank you for that randomness of a comment as a way for people to check out your college.


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