Monday, July 2, 2012

Weight Loss Sucks - 15 POUNDS DOWN!

Sooo I haven't did a monthly update on my weight loss since March mainly cause the last two months of school killed me. I started out at the beginning of the year at 195 then went up to 197 and kinda yo-yo around the 189 for a while and maintaining it for a couple months. I've been fighting some bad stomach issues for a year (as of the beginning of June). I've had just about every test you can think of done, and then started doing things for myself like cutting out a massive part of gluten from my eating. While I still have some bad days, I have more good than normal and a lot of issues are fading away. Since carbs were a huge part of my diet (I'm the head baker at my work for crying out loud!), I've dropped a little more weight which brings me to the grand total as of two days ago to.....

182 pounds!

That means I have lost 15 pounds!!! 

Because of all my stomach crud I had went into my old doctor's a few weeks back to get put on a new medication. I hadn't been there in two years and she told me since my last visit I've lost 21 pounds! Looking back at photos I can definitely see a difference with my body which I plan on posting on the next month's update. I know going semi-gluten free isn't going to necessarily help me loose ton of weight since most gluten free products do have a higher calorie count, but since I don't have a lot of products available in my area, I am making healthier decisions on what I eat. Tons of fruits, veggies, and leaner meats! And water is like my favorite thing now which is so odd to say, but since it's about a billion degrees outside (PLEASE GOD LET IT RAIN!) I am sucking that down like I'm a friggin' plant. 

Today is my first day of Hip Hop Abs. Oh, this is gonna be fun. (<-- I'm using my sarcasm font in case you didn't catch it.)

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