Tuesday, July 3, 2012

a must list of summer

. :Summer 2012 Must Haves: .

cute polished toes
 flip flops, flip flops, flip flops
upbeat tunes
favorite pair of sunglasses
air on me 
lots and lots of water or fruity drinks
fresh fruit
homemade ice cream 

. :Summer 2012 Must Do's: . 

more aunt/niece and aunt/nephew days
swim my little heart out
spend more time with friends
sunday dinners with the family
take more photos
go to the ozark empire fair
go to an art walk
 fourth of july celebration at the lake 
(picture above is of that)
harry potter marathon
work on crafting ninja skills

. :Summer 2012 Must Feels: .


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  1. yay for summer to do lists! mine is still really long, i've gotta get moving!


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