Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finding inspiration.

There's this place in my novel called the Cliff. It's where my main character and her friends spend a lot of time at. I based it on a mixture of places I used to hang out at when I was a teen. I was about the only one of my friends who hated swimming in a creek so I spent a lot of times just sitting on top of the cliffs or at the bottom banks. Once in a while I would get brave, wade through the water, pretend there was nothing swimming around my ankles, and climb on a rock.

Each time I place a scene at the Cliff, I keep thinking I should go back to one of those places so I can remember more details about it. One of the places is called Baptist Camp.

Baptist Camp is just right off the same highway I go down twice a week for school. Today I was near the area, and thought why not stop? It was so pretty outside. I was going to try to climb up one of the hills to see if I could get on a cliff, but I wasn't really dressed for it with flats and all. Plus it's deer season and going through the woods doesn't scream safe.

I really wish I had a laptop because I could have done some serious writing out there. Luckily I had my bag in my car so I grabbed my notebook, sat down at one of the tables, and jotted stuff down. I've known my character for years, but now that I'm writing her as a teen, I'm getting to see a whole new side of her. And being out there today, I heard her loud and clear.

What about you? Do you base places in your novel from places you know well? 

Ever went there to find inspiration?


  1. That's awesome and such a great idea! It must really make things come alive. Writing there must have been awesome as well seeing as it looks super gorgeous.

  2. These Pictures are so stunning! Im your new follower by the way. Keep more pictures coming. I love seeing them:)


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