Tuesday, September 27, 2011

And then I came back from the dead.

Well, not exactly like that even if I am super white.

I'm halfway settled into my new house. I've been here for a month now. There are still boxes. There is still A LOT to do, but seeing as I am the QUEEN BEE of procrastination, I am actually semi-impressed with how much of my house is done. AND I've been getting super freaking crafty up in hurrr. (Don't ask why I just said it like that. I've switched to 6 AM work shifts on top of my getting up at 5:30 AM for class, and I am freaking TIRED. I also have no idea why I keep randomly writing in CAPS in about every sentence.)

I hope you all are doing smashingly well! I'm writing this post from my office. Yes, office where the walls are kind of a pale pink, slightly dirty, random wood stars, and now have a blotch of Surf's Up blue by the light switch cause that's what color is going to be when I paint it this week.

Right after I paint the living room....or maybe this room. I can't decide which one needs to be done first. Back to the office here. I HAVE MY OWN WRITING OFFICE! It has bookshelves (mismatched ones - holla!), my desk, two big cork boards (for plotting stories), and a dry erase board up! I don't know why I feel it necessary to type all of this out to you but I AM SO EXCITED I HAVE MY OWN WRITING SPACE!!

Basically what this post is all about is another: 
Hi, I'm still alive. 

I will be back to blogging soon! I have posts to make, writing things to share, and rants! Lord, do I have me some rants (writing rants, duh.)

And also: 
It's Fall and I have cute decorations on my porch!

And then there is: 
I'm going to bed now.


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  1. Yeah! Good for you getting the house almost done. I hate packing and unpacking.


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