Monday, December 5, 2011

Weight Loss Sucks: Let's Kick This Sucka Into Cardio Drive

After months of going to the doctor, an ER visit, and one trip to a specialist who didn't tell me jack squat - I'm FINALLY starting to find some sort of happy medium with DIMB (Demon In Mah Belly) Syndrome. I had to quit a lot of things including: COFFEE (!!!), red meats (this really wasn't too hard though some days I wish I could stop at a drive-thru), chewing gum (yep, you heard me right), and fried foods.

I haven't done the best job of kicking most of these things out completely yet. I do work in a deli so sometimes it's a bit hard not to snack on something fried. Since I've been way more strict on myself, I ended up loosing about 10 pounds in November. Another thing that has helped a lot, besides the handful of natural medicine pills I take every day, drinking a gazillion things of water or hot tea, is working out.

I'm horribly lazy even on my most energetic days so I started The Biggest Loser Cardio Max Weight-Loss DVD just here and there last month. I've stayed on the first basic one that is only supposed to go for 2 weeks. Didn't add in the weights or anything - mainly just weening myself into it. Now? I'm pulling out the big guns, busting out the weights, and doing it full force.

Even on days where I just want to sit on my couch or hit the snooze button, I will be getting up, I will be plugging the ear buds in (because who can stand work out music on these things?!), and moving my butt 5 days a week. It's gonna suck. It's gonna take a lot, but I know in the end getting myself healthy will be worth it not just for all my stomach problems but for my mind set as well.

Welcome first week of doing this sucka right!!

What about you? Do you have any workout systems that you really like? Feel free to tell them to me because at some point after I get through this one, I'll need something new to torture myself with.


  1. My specialist put me on a sugar, fried food and junk food ban with an emphasis on eating foods with that are low-fat. This hasn't been too hard for me since I'm a healthy eater but it was hard to completely stop consuming sugar (apart from fruit).

    As for exercise, I get up at 7 am every day and take my three dogs to the park. We run around between 30-60 minutes. Then I go for a 30 min walk with one of the dogs at night.

    Don't worry, I understand your exercise woes. Some mornings it can be hard to get out of bed (I want to stay in my warm bed!) but I try and stay motivated.

    Good luck with your routine!

  2. I wish I could exercise in the morning! I have to be at work at 6 AM so getting up at 4 to do it never pans out, lol

  3. For me nights are the worst, when I sit around picking at bits of chocolate and things! And I get far too lazy to exercise, but find swimming the most enjoyable and effective :)
    Very brave doing this around Christmas! The month of calorific temptation!
    Good luck! Xx

  4. I'm sorry to hear about your stomach problems!! No gum?! And no fried food? I would die. Seriously, die. I feel your pain a little because I passed three kidney stones last year and had to really change my diet and start drinking a lot more fluids. It seemed impossible at first but I've adjusted and don't even notice's habitual. As far as working out, I wish I had some tips but I'm a couch potato :(!

    Newest follower here...really enjoying reading through your posts. What a wonderful blog you have! Would love it if you'd stop by ours too :)


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