Sunday, May 23, 2010

And when you're not even looking - it happens

So this week I started doing some changes in my novel.

It first started with a major event that sent my character packing in the first place. Then a slight change of how my character left. After that idea came, I had to tweak a few key point relationships. When I did that, I had to switch a few things up, add a character in this scene, take one of out out of that one....

Then I just couldn't stop myself! It was suddenly making sense except for the one really awesome idea I had from the get go - the one that keeps my character there, but sometimes really awesome great ideas that you love still won't work. So that got vetoed too.

And now it all makes sense. Yay!

Also here is a snippet of my playlist for this novel. I say snippet because I couldn't find a lot of the songs on the site.

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