Monday, May 17, 2010

Let's bring this blog back to life, shall we?

Once upon a time I decided this was going to be the blog I talked about all my writing then well, it didn't happen.

*hangs head in shame*

So here's what's going on. I'm starting over from scratch and making sure this sucker gets used for what it was meant to be used for: WRITING!

I've been working on a novel that I will be calling UNTITLED. (I have a name for it, but more in likely it will change. It's only had 5 different names by now.) I've worked on this story for almost 2 years. I know my characters like the back of my hand, and finally, FINALLY I think I've got. Really got the drive to finish this novel for once and for all. I started over from scratch which was crazy, yet crazy good idea. I even gave myself a fake deadline - August 10th. (My co-worker even circled it on the calender at work.) So what's the story that I've been trying to get out about? Well, I'll give you a half arse snyposis:

Augustus Brooks hasn't been home in over seven years. It would have been longer, but her grandmother decided to drop dead on her, and her mother guilt tripped her into coming back home for the funeral. (Plus there was the fear of her grandmother haunting her if she didn't attend the service.) Little did Augustus know that this was just one piece of the crazy scheme puzzle her parents had created for her. Now she's stuck in Yellow Falls. For how long? She has no idea, but one thing she does know is that having to face everyone she left behind, the one major regret, and an ex boyfriend she never really broke up with was never in her plans.

So that's it so far. I'll be frequently updating this blog with my journey of writing, rambles, and whatever seems to tickle my fancy.


  1. I can't wait 'til you finish it!!!! That's a nice synopsis!

  2. Looking forward to you getting published! Keep pumpin' that story out Amber! :D


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