Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yes, I'm still alive.

As of right now, I'm pretty sure no one reads this writing blog. Just in case any of my 15 followers might be wondering why I haven't updated when I said I would update last month (well technically two months ago since it's officially July), is it. An update. I'm alive. I'm working a lot. I'm reading somewhat. I'm being entirely way too lazy with writing which is now kicking me in my rear. And that is really NOT a good thing.

I gave myself a fake deadline which was probably the Worst. Idea. Ever. Why? Because I was dumb enough to tell my co-workers about it. Now they are reminding of my deadline. One even circled the date on the calendar:

So what happens when I meet my deadline? I get to keep my story. What happens if I don't? I have to throw it away.

I announced that if my first draft was not done by August 10th then I would completely forget about Augustus and her crazy family and the crazy town of Yellow Falls. Not to mention I would store away hot boy Memphis Jack forever.Why? Because this story has been floating around in my head for two years and it MUST come out.

Yeah, I'm so screwed.

What's a writer to do? Well kick herself off the net again. Not just for writing but for the fact that my sister had to get a hold of me not once, but TWO different times via twitter to call her for important family stuff. How sad is that she had to tweet me to get a hold of me? Hopefully next month I can come back with an announcement that my novel is done, I'm 15 pounds lighter, and that I had an awesome time vacationing in Florida.

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  1. Hi Amber. Sixteen followers now! :)

    If it helps, my story floated around in my head for about two years before anything got written. Good luck with it all!


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