Wednesday, July 14, 2010

50K in 50 Days? I'm in!

A while back I saw the 50K in 50 Days on Confessions of the Un-Published and thought it was great. The only downfall for me was that my fake deadline was August 11th, and it runs from July 12-August 30th.

But now my fake deadline is August 28th due to having a whole bunch of stuff going on at the end of this month giving me hardly any writing time, my lovely co-workers who are apart of my fake deadline let me push it back a couple weeks. (Well, except my boss. She told me tough crap, but she was out voted on this one.)

Anyhoo I decided to join up! I'm already about 43K into my novel, but most of that has to be cut and changed because I changed my plot and how my character needs to act about well everything.  I think about 50 more K will probably finish it so I'm pretty much game if you haven't caught that from this crazy rambling.

I'll be bringing this blog alive with writing updates, and I encourage everyone to go sign up and join in on the fun!

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  1. This is your mean old boss. Just wanted to let everyone know that I push you cause I love you. :) You are an awesome writer and you put too much pressure on yourself. And I would like my autographed copy of your awesome book sometime before I die.


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