Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's just a jump to the left!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has been an all time favorite of mine since I was little. I used to do the time warp in my parents' living room and get in trouble when I sang along to Damn It, Janet. Because as my dad informed me, you couldn't say damn until you were eighteen. Yes, I realize I was probably entirely way too young to watch it, but eh oh well.

Ever since then I've always wanted to go to dress up as Magenta and go to a show. So when I heard there was going to be a full fledge play this month I texted my sister and said let's go! So on Sunday we headed up to Springfield to the Vandivort Center Theatre, bought a prop box, and settled in our seats.

I really had no idea what to expect, but I was blown away. The show was insane, hilarious, crazy, demented, and such an experience! The cast was perfect! The dancing the singing - holy moly! I couldn't even pick a favorite they all did such a wonderful job.

My sister & I. We ended up not dressing up - maybe next time
There were a lot of people in the audience who weren't 'virgins' like my sister and I. (Though we did NOT raise our hands when the director asked the audience who were virgins. I've seen documentaries, I know what can happen to those virgins.) There were a few people who shouted out stuff, and I even shouted out an asshole to Brad with everyone. My favorite was definitely the prop box. To go to a play where you can actually participate and have the cast interact with you was something you don't see often. We threw confetti, toilet paper, had newspapers over our heads while the Transylvanians squirted us with water guns from above, snapped gloves and ummm other things, rang bells - it was all just a crazy fun ride. When it was over, they even did an encore of the time warp and you better believe I along with most of the audience busted it out.

So if you live in the Springfield area then what are you waiting for?! There are still two more weeks of the show left SO GO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!

*First picture was snagged from the Vandivort Center Theatre's facebook page.

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  1. this sounds so fun!! i just saw the glee episode of it last night and loved their time warp at the end.

    san diego needs to get on the train and do this!



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