Sunday, December 26, 2010

Movies that make you cry.

I am a semi-emotional person. I don't always start crying or get teary-eyed in a movie where the final speech is given that really makes an impact. There are some movies, books, and even stories that can really get to me. Today, I have another one to add to my list:

Letters to God. 

Holy moly this movie had me in TEARS more than once! It's the story of an eight-year-old boy named Tyler who is battling cancer. He writes letters to God just about every day. Not just for himself, but for his family members and friends. When a man named Brady, who had his own demons to fight, takes up a route as the post man, he starts getting the letters, and soon develops a relationship with Tyler and his family. (Plus Brady is pretty easy on the eyes.)

I know what you're thinking. Sounds cheesy and probably a bit pushy, but it really wasn't. I've seen those cheesy inspirational films ( I'm looking at you ANGEL network) but this one was really good. AND the mom is played by Robyn Lively. Remember her? She played Louise Miller in TEEN WITCH one of the best films of my childhood! Seriously, I wanted to be just like Louise with her witchy power and her funky clothes. Let's not all forget about one of the best raps ever:

Anyways, I'm completely recommending this movie for anyone who is in for an emotional inspirational type of movie. It was really good, freaking sad, but really good! It got me thinking of all the other movies that have ever made me cry, even when I re-watch them. Here is my list in no particular order:

American History X
Have you seen this movie? I can't even tell you WHY I cry every time I watch it because I would ruin the entire thing for you! 

Tuck Everlasting
When Jesse is on the back of the boogy and he yells out, "I will love you, Winnie Foster, until the day I die!" I am a blubbering idiot.

Stand By Me
I blame the crying on Richard Dreyfuss' amazing narrator skills. 

My Girl
One of the best friendships movies ever made, and when *deep breath* they *another deep breath* Okay, nope. Can't explain it. Just watch it.

Four Brothers
I wouldn't say I bawled, but I always get teary-eyed when a certain scene happens. Sometimes I even shot: PUT SOME PRESSURE ON THOSE HOLES!!

The Notebook
This one is a bittersweet cry. And I still haven't read the book in fear that it will top the movie.

My Sister's Keeper
One of my best friends and I went and saw this movie in theater. BAD IDEA. We did not grab enough napkins, and were crying through the entire thing. I'm sure people thought we were stoned when we walked out of it.

Don't even act like you didn't get a little choked up when Jack's butt went down into that freezing ocean. If I have somehow just gave away a massive spoiler to anyone, I do not regret this. It's TITANIC how could you have NOT watched it?!

What about you? Are there some movies that will always make you choke up no matter how many times you watch them?


    1. Bicentennial Man... and The Lion King. *chokes*

    2. OMG we dont have to be book twins Amb, because we ARE twins. This could be a post I wrote! I've watched every single movie in the list and agree 100%.. American History X is like THE MOVIE! The Notebook... man, Ryan Gosling is just... *cries* I want him so bad! And no, the book soes NOT (for once) top the movie. Why? Ryan Ryan Ryan. Tuck E! EPIC! And so on...

    3. Ally - YES! The Lion King! When Simba's dad gets knocked off the cliff?! I mean seriously Disney WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!

      Sab - *high fives* That is so crazy awesome!!! I can't even get to the ending of American History X half the time. I like to pretend something totally different happened. I'm going to take your word on the book - I'll stick to not reading it, lol

    4. The movie Schindler's List is two discs this day I have only seen the first disc. I was pretty much bawling without sound. I've heard that I should watch the second disc because supposedly the ending will at least show me a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel.

      Also, this is going to sound really stupid of me but have you seen the Pixar movie Up? The INTRO made me cry lol!

      Also, any movie where a pet dies KILLS me.

      LOL @ your Titanic comment. It always made me so angry that they didn't just dress him up in one of her elaborate dress/hat get ups. With all the hustle and fuss, THEY SO COULD HAVE GOTTEN AWAY WITH IT OMG.

    5. Amy - Ohhh I forgot about Schinder's List! I remember my teacher showing us parts of it in the 4th grade, and I remember crying when they showed that little girl in the red coat then later you see her coat in the pile of burning stuff. I don't blame you for not watching Disc 2. I doubt I'll ever re-watch it again but it is very powerful.

      Everyone I know says they got teary eyed at the beginning of UP, but I didn't. Which is weird cause Disney can really sock it to me sometimes.

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    7. i absolutely love Titanic, i always cry when jack dies haha. My sisters keeper is a beautiful but sad movie.

      The Lion King and Moulin Rouge are two movies that make me cry.


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