Monday, February 27, 2012

Making a storyboard via Pinterest!

I've noticed a few writers that I follow via Pinterest making storyboards. One that really caught my eye was author Mindi Scott cause she had pinned my favorite actor, Garrett Hedlund. I thought: What a freaking cool idea! (Right after I sighed over Garrett, of course.)

I don't have tons and tons added to it, but I've been having fun searching for things and getting inspiration from things I've spotted. Since I'm working back on Gus, I do have a lot written (oh ya know about 6 unfinished starts of a manuscript) so I've found a couple things that reminded me of scenes that I have and placed little "teasers" with them.

Here's a couple examples of the teaser pins:

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

If you drove thirteen miles past the town of Creedence, and blinked, you’d probably miss my hometown. Not because it was incredibly small, which it was, but because the sign that welcomed you had been blown away in a storm twenty years ago. No one in town had ever bothered to putting a new one back up. So the only thing you would see, if you didn’t blink, was the back of a busted up stop sign that leaned a little to the left. --Intro to Chapter 4

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

"What do you mean those are RaeAnne's ashes?" Conner asked.

I held up the ziploc bag to show him.

"You stole RaeAnne!" Lizzy yelled. "I can't believe you stole RaeAnne!"

"Well if it makes you feel better," I told her, "I didn't steal all of her."

I've always pinned up my characters. Like:

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Augustus "Gus" Brooks - Main Character

Memphis Jack *sighs* - Ex-Boyfriend

Source: via Amber on Pinterest

Clementine Brooks - Older sister who is a riot to write

Alex Brooks - Father. The only one I'm having trouble with is finding the mother. So if you have any suggestions of a woman with brown hair that would look good with Jeff Bridges aka Alex Brooks, let me know :) Also any redheads in their 20's. I had an idea but the more I look the more I go blah.

If you want to see more of who I envision as my characters, random photos that remind me of my story, and some of my novel playlist, check out my storyboard here.


  1. STORYBOARD! What a great idea! And how come you're on Pinterest and I did NOT know this!????

    1. HA! I seen that you followed me on there today and I had the same reaction - Sab has Pinterest and I didn't know?!


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