Thursday, February 3, 2011

I should be unpacking.

But I'm not.


Because my internet is hooked up, and I am instead surfing youtube with a space heater next to me.

I do like my apartment, but it's weird. Very, very weird to be living on my own again with no roommates or anything. (This hasn't happened in four years.) It's also weird hearing people above my head. I shouldn't gripe too much. I used to live in an apartment complex where I had a drunken 500 pound moron living above me. (Okay, so maybe he wasn't 500 pounds, but he sure as heck walked like he weighed that much.)

This place is so old you can just hear them walking ALL. THE. TIME. Like right now, one of them is running down the steps and out the door. My computer desk is set up right by the staircase on the other side of the wall so that's why I know. Have I mentioned my apartment is old? It's also why I have towels shoved under the closet door that is connected to the staircase where I think a drain for the people above me's bathroom or laundry room is at. Or maybe they're just taking one massive pee because I hear water running sometimes.

Besides all of that - I do like this place even if it does get a tad bit boring and I have no furniture in my living room or my cable aka the 5 free channels you get with a converter box set up yet. This results to me sitting on my bed watching season one of Las Vegas that I borrowed from my sister.

Okay, back to youtube. And next time I post, I promise it'll be something more entertaining like writing news because my characters are way more interesting than I am.


  1. AH bottom apartments are seriously the worst. But congrats on being on your own again! Should make for some good times, heehee ;)

  2. Hi Amber! It's the first time i visit your blog and i'm really enjoying it. I'm going to follow your blog because it's so inspiring to me.

    I hope you can sleep a bit with all the noises on the apartment..



  3. awwn nice!! ure living on ur own, im still with my parents after i grad lmbo smh i think after ure done unpacking u should take pis ;D


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