Monday, February 21, 2011

When writing fails, music prevails.

Due to the crazy move, work, and school, I've been ignoring all of my stories like they did something horrible to me. I'm not for sure if I'm experiencing writer's block or more like the umph to get back into the groove of writing.

Even when I get into these little frets, one thing that never changes is listening to music. Over the past week and a half I have stumbled on songs that have put me into the motion of HEY! I NEED TO WRITE! Here are a few songs I'm adding to all three of my current WIP's soundtracks.

Fairy Tale
This song fits the mold of Mason Sherwood, and his gang of not so merry men to a tee. I can also see a very cool fight scene going with this song. Possibly with the dark S.O.B who still doesn't have a name?

The Unexpected Clash of Strangers
I was watching one of my new favorite movies, Life As We Know It, and noticed the awesome soundtrack. Right out at the beginning it clicked that this song could sum up the relationship between Derk and Vicki.

Maybe it's the overall vibe of the song that just makes you kind of bop your head, but this song just seems like something Gracie would be jamming to.

Just Call Me Gus
This is also from the Life As We Know It soundtrack. Death is a big issue in this story with not only Gus, but for her friends she left behind. It also gives me a major Memphis vibe. (Plus it's Pearl Jam and Eddie could read me the phone book and I'd swoon.)

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  1. great songs, thanks :D


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