Thursday, February 24, 2011

Writing MeMe: First Lines

I saw this a while back on someone's LJ. Her post was basically to write the first line of your last 25 fics you wrote and try to find a pattern.

I don't have many fanfics, but I like the idea so I'm making it my own and including all 24 stories I found on my computer which add up to mostly a lot of different versions of the same story. (I apparently love to torture myself by re-writing all my stories at least twice.) There are also many stories I obviously haven' finished. Some only have a page or two. Some have nicknames instead of actual titles so bare with me if you see a dumb one.

1. Brayden had always been the hero. (My Brother Brayden)
2. Charlie leaned over her vanity, placing the cigarette she was puffing on into the ash tray. (Downward Spiral - Death Sentence Fanfic)
3. “What is that?!” My future sister-in-law, Kate, shriek from the other room. (Bride Story - Short Story)
4. My father used to read me fairy tales as a child. (Fairy Tale - Current WIP)
5. My family is insane. (Just Call Me Gus Young Adult Version)
6. Staring down at the black specs, I decided that they had slowly formed into the shape of a seahorse. (Hospital Story)
7. I had never been the type of person that believed in signs. (Just Call Me Gus Adult Fiction Verison - Current WIP)
8. Since the age of sixteen, I have tried to kill myself exactly thirty-seven times. (Marty's Story)
9. It was too late to know what had really happened back there. (More Than Meets the Eye - Vampire Story)
10. I know it may be a bit clich├ęd to say my parents have been embarrassing me since birth, but it was true. (Just Call Me Gus YA - 2nd Version)
11. There is nothing worse than getting caught in a random winter storm. (The Unexpected Clash of Strangers - Current WIP)
12. My grandma cursed me when I was born. (Orphan Annie)
13. A wise man once said that music is the glue of the world. (Rock Star Story - One day Cheryl and I WILL write this together!)
14. Savannah couldn’t help but smile when she felt his hand curve around her back. (If I Gave You the Truth - Sequel to What Isn't Killing Us Death Sentence Fanfic)
15. The cold air whipped around Detective Wallis as she stood on the bank of the river. (If I Gave You the Truth - 2nd Version to WIKU DS fic)
16. I am so dead. (Serenity YA)
17. It was mocking me. (When It Rains, It Pours)
18. When I called Wasco Country Correctional, they said there were only two times on Friday when visitors were allowed in. (Summer Story)
19. Billy Darley sat in the back booth at Big Mike’s Diner, sipping on a cup of coffee while trying to nurse his hangover from the night before. (What Isn't Killing Us - Death Sentence Fanfic)
20. It amazed me how big of assholes my neighbors were. (Always a Day Late & A Dollar Short Original Version)
21. There are many words that could describe the person that I am. (Always a Date Late & a Dollar Short Revised Version)
22. I, Callie Johnsom, am a stalker. (If I'm Lyin', I'm Dyin')
23. The first day of every month, she would stand outside her blue two-story house watching as the mailman made his way down the sidewalk of the Lakeside gated community. (If I Gave You the Truth - 3rd Version)
24. When someone asked me about my childhood, there was only one memory that would automatically come to mind. (The Ties That Bind Us - Four Brothers Fanfic)

So what pattern(s) do I see? I make a lot of 'I' and 'Me' statements. A couple of times it's cold wherever my character is at which is odd since I hate the cold. My main pattern? I really need to STOP re-writing every story I think of, and just give it a freaking middle and an ending!

Do you see any patterns? If you do this writing meme, leave me a comment so I can go look at yours!


  1. The one thing that stands out to me is that you nearly always introduce the character by name in the opening sentence. It's interesting...I think I've only ever done that once.

  2. I'm stealing this from you and... I know so many of those ppls you wrote about! I MISS THEM ALL!


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