Monday, April 4, 2011

What's a going on with the writing.

That was a lame Brett Michaels attempt. I can get by with this because I'm on pain pills.

Moving on.

So my buddy Cheryl and I decided we would venture into the world of writing 1K a day a while back. We slacked off for the first month or so, but now it seems if we're not writing at least 1K a day, we're thinking about our stories, texting one another about ideas, or IMing each other. Which is awesome because back when Cheryl and I first started talking (over 3 years ago - so weird it's been that long!), we were OBSESSED with our Death Sentence fanfiction stories and the yumminess of Billy Darley.

That obsessed feeling is quite awesome. If you're a writer, you know what I'm talking about here. I haven't had that feeling in a long time. My plan this year was to finish up The Unexpected Clash of Strangers since I reconstructed the beginning, and knew exactly the direction I should be going with it. On the days I didn't feel like messing with Gracie and her shenanigans, I would put myself through Hell and start working with Gus (What If). Sure, I had other stories on my mind, but these two are the ones that NEEDED to get finished.

So with all this determination it makes perfect sense that I haven't touched either story, and have been working on Fairy Tale.  I'm writing it in third person, which is very foreign to me so I keep sending Cheryl stuff like:

Does this make sense?

Can I do this in third person?


For whatever reason it's all working. I am obsessed with my own story. I'm even having dreams about my characters!! In the past two days, I've busted out over 10K. It would be more, but I can't sit in a computer chair that long due to pains in my back hence me being stoned off pain pills as I type this. (Which I found out today the pains have nothing to do with my kidneys. I am very grateful for that, but at the same time my doctor had no idea why I'm hurting.  I swear, the moment my body knows I have extra money it just jacks itself up so I can go waste it all on doctor's visits.)

So that's where I'm at in writing. Fairy Tale is my new baby and she's very pretty one at that. What are you working on?

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  1. Good luck with the new WIP. I am pounding away on my YA fantasy. It's coming along nicely.


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