Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The 346 Writing Prompt Challenge

My awesome English teacher sent me this pdf file of 101 Best Websites for Writers. Obviously there are a lot of sites on there, and I feel a bit overwhelmed looking through them. While killing time during class today, I found this one: Creative Writing Prompts.

I've been wanting to do more writing, and not just writing within my current novels. (Though all those characters might disagree that I need to work on other things cause they want an ending. Demanding people those characters are.) So since they seem pretty short and simple, I'm going to challenge myself to doing a writing prompt every day. Of course this isn't going to happen every day. Let's get real here - it's me, the slackiest of the slackers. I don't plan on posting every single one them because you'd probably find that incredibly boring. But since I did the first one - I'll share it.

Writing Prompt #1: Basically you're supposed to briefly close your eyes, think of an item in the room for 3 minutes then without looking at it write as much as you can about it.

I chose my stapler and somehow turned it into a suicidal one.

The stapler is purple. A vibrant purple that stands out against the oak wood desk it sits on. The end of it slightly hangs off the edge, almost like it’s daring itself to jump off. A good portion of it is still backed away. If staplers had brains, maybe that’s where they would be at. The far end is like the anchor of it all while the front end is the quick punch of the staple that slices through the paper.

There’s a slight layer of dust gathered on the top. It hasn’t been used in a while because there isn't any staples inside of it. Maybe that’s why it’s so close to the edge – it feels ignored and unloved. It’s there for a purpose. To organize all my loose ends, yet I don’t bother refilling it. So it just sits there, collecting more dust, and debating on whether or not one day it’ll take the plunge right off my desk.

This was quick, easy, and painless! My kind of writing. If you check out the site - tell me what you think. If you decide to post a few of the prompts up, leave a link so I can go read :)

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