Friday, March 18, 2011

Weight Loss Sucks: New bet has been placed.

My sister and I decided to switch up our weight loss bet. As of the week before last, she's currently kicking my fat butt by being 5 pounds ahead of me. (But hey! I just got back from Springfield where I had stuffed my guilty mouth full of yummy carbs and bloated up on soda, but no, I'm not bitter at all that she hadn't ate a single thing before we weighed in....)

We were all still going to plan on the winner getting a free massage then one of my friends posted this image on tumblr, and that pretty much kicked off the new bet.

The winner gets a free tattoo on our road trip. Or maybe when we get back. Unless of course I can find a shop that I know someone has been to, seen some work they've done type of thing. So if you live in Tennessee, Texas, or Oklahoma and can recommend a shop around Memphis, Nashville, Houston, or Tulsa, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Here is what my sister will be buying me because I am SO GOING TO KICK HER BUTT AT THIS! (Using all caps to show you how serious I am about kicking her bootay!)

I love it. 

Like really, really want this on the back of my neck as of yesterday love it.


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