Monday, January 3, 2011

Things I want to do in 2011.

I welcomed the New Year with a lovely chest cold that has decided to hang out with me for a while. I don't know why. I'm not being a very good hostess, and I'm hoping at some point Chest Cold will get the hint that its stay has been long overdue.

I'm not letting Chest Cold get me down. I have plans for 2011. I'm not the type of person who sits around waiting for a new year so I can have a new 'me'. I dropped 'resolutions' a few years back because I realized I never accomplish them then feel like a failure when I realize a whole year has passed, and nothing got done. Instead I shoot for goals. And even though I made goals for 2010 that weren't met, I did accomplish a lot of things. Things that weren't even on my list, such as:

Starting School. I'm getting my associates degree in the Medical Office Assistant program at a local tech school. Next week I start my second semester. You know what my GPA was for my first semester? 3.9. I repeat: I GOT A 3.9 GPA! People, this is not me. I was HORRIBLE in high school, but I told myself when I enrolled I would make a 3.5. I would study. I would take this seriously, and I'm damn proud of that 3.9.

Then there were things that I had a goals for like: Keep Your Faith and Be Happy. Maybe I didn't start attending church like I wanted to, but there's still next Sunday to try it. And I kept my temper under check A LOT this year. Trust, me I was tested. Oh good lord was I tested! Between work and family - *deep breaths* Some days I did blow up. Some days I'd walk into the freezer at work and kick the crap out of a box of bred, but then I shook my shoulders and I moved on.

I didn't write a novel. I didn't loose 30 pounds. I somewhat kept my spending habits to a minimum - oh and I paid off 3 credit cards - HOLLA!

So what does 2011 bring for me? Well hopefully everything on this list:

Write. I'd like to write a novel. I'd like to finish two of my already-novels. I'd love to give Gus the beginning, middle, and end she deserves. I'd love to venture into Gracie's story so more, and I would love to start Gabby's story...wait a second. Do you see the G pattern I have with my character's names? What's up with that? Anyways, I want to write until my fingers go numb. I want to write short stories, blog about life, and keep pumping out all those fun shiny new ideas that I may never finish because I'm a writer and that's what I do.

Get healthy. I'd love to loose 50 pounds this year, because I am going to be 26 in April. I know that all this extra weight I am carrying is not healthy. I know if I loose the weight my mind-set will be so much better. That's why you'll be seeing a monthly update of my weight loss adventure here.

Try new things. Whether it's trying new food that makes me want to gag or going to the creek with my friends in the summertime. Just try it. Even if I think I'm going to hate it. Go for it!

Get another tattoo. 

Keep up my GPA.

Go to concerts. Mainly I want to see Seether. I HAVE to see Seether this year!

Dress more girly. I am a jeans, shirt, and hoodie type of girl. I'd love to step out of my comfort zone and dress up more. When I do, I feel so pretty inside and out. 

Don't let it get to me. All those little pet peeves and all those people who know how to push my buttons. Dust them off. It's not worth it.

And most importantly:

Enjoy life and be more productive with it! As much as I love surfing the net and sitting on my couch watching marathons of horrible reality shows (have you people seen Jerseylicious or The Real Housewives? Ohmygosh!!) - I need to get out more. I need to hang out with my friends more. I need to travel, do stupid things, make a thousand mistakes, and then laugh them all off.


  1. These are awesome goals. I wish you the best in achieving them!

  2. Cute blog. I love your goals you have set for 2011. Happy New Year!!!

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