Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Teaser Tuesday

Since I pretty much failed at writing a novel last year, I told myself this year I will just go with it. Whatever my muse is trying to feed me, I'll bite. Lately, it's been my unfinished story: The Unexpected Clash of Strangers. I dove back into it, re-read all 120 pages I had, and forgot how much I loved this story.

Below you can read a quick summary plus a teaser from it.

There is nothing worse than getting caught in a random winter storm. Especially if by some weird coincidence you’re wearing a red sequin flapper dress and reeking of tequila. How I get myself in these situations is beyond me.

Grace didn't think her day could get any worse until she bumped into her ex-husband, Stephen, and his size-two fiancée. Determined not to look like a loser, Grace does what she has to do: Lie.

Grabbing a complete stranger off the street, she introduces him as Ethan, her big-time corporate lawyer boyfriend. To explain her ridiculous outfit, she adds on another one: She's starring in a movie based in the 20's. What should have been a one-time lie spirals out of control. Now she has to try and keep her fake relationship, and somehow put a movie together. Will this struggling actress pull it off or will she fall flat on her face?

Here is a little taste of it:

“Damn thing!” my father yells then starts beating it against his side table.

“George, honestly, your daughter is here with her boyfriend.” The beating stops against the side table and my father slowly turns his head towards us. His eyes squint then he pulls his glasses out of his shirt pocket and slips them on.

“You a schmuck?” my father asks Ethan-Dean.

“No, sir,” Ethan-Dean replies.

“That’s what the last one said.” I cringe. I forgot to inform Ethan-Dean that while my mother loved Stephen, my father thought he was the prime example of what would happen if two apes got together and had a human child.

To make up for my father’s lack of hospitality, my mother offers Ethan-Dean something to drink. When he replies with the common curosty of Mrs. Holloway, she insists he calls her Ruth. This is a good sign. It means she likes him.

Donnie sits down on the sofa with his arms crossed and stares at the two of us. He doesn’t say anything, just tries too hard to give his ‘I’m a badass’ look so it’s making his eyes cross. I think Ethan-Dean notices this too because he quickly turns and starts to cough a little, but he’s smiling.

My mother comes back in with her hands full of beer, Sprite, apple juice, water, and tea. Thankfully they’re all in bottles with caps or she would be spilling them everywhere. She approaches Ethan-Dean first, and I nudge my head towards the beer. I have no clue if he’s a beer drinker, but if he takes it, Donnie will think he’s more of a man this way. Johnny on the other hand will not be pleased, but I’m taking on one uncle at a time here.

Ethan-Dean follows my command and starts reaching for the beer. “Hey muttonhead,” my father says, jabbing his finger in our direction, “you thinkin’ about drinking my beer?”

Ethan-Dean snatches his hand back. “N-No, sir. I was reaching for the apple juice.”

“Apple juice,” Donnie snorts. “You plan on wanting a nap afterwards there sissy boy?”

“Donnie, please act your age,” Johnny says sternly.

“Good choice,” my father says, wiggling his chubby fingers for my mother to stick the beer in his hand. “That other boob she was married to always took the first beer. I told Gracie next time he did that, I’d punch him in his snot clocker.” My father starts shaking his fist for dramatic effect, and I bury my face into my hands.


  1. Haha, Ethan-Dean always manages to crack me up. This is hilarious: “Hey muttonhead,” my father says, jabbing his finger in our direction, “you thinkin’ about drinking my beer?”


  2. =D!! Thanks for reading it, Kim! Until I dove back into it, I forgot how comical Gracie's dad is. He has about 50 different ways of calling someone an idiot.

  3. Oh my, I just love this. I can't wait to read more. I will be at the front of the line for your book signings! Congrats on this girlie!! BTW, I mentioned you on my newest post!! Have a great weekend! xo, Kels


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