Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Teaser Tuesday #2

I'm still working on The Unexpected Clash of Strangers. I haven't done much new writing to the story, but I am combing through it, revising a few things, and getting myself back into the Gracie mode. (By the way, is one fantastic mode to be in.) If you would like to read my first Teaser Tuesday and learn what the story is about, click here.

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Ethan-Dean perches his elbows up on the table and stares at me for a moment. I bet he’s thinking what a loser Stephen is, and wondering why I didn’t leave in the first place. It’s everyone's natural reaction when I tell them the story.

Okay, maybe not everyone, seeing as I’ve only told about five people, not including my family what happened between us. It’s not like I’m this huge movie star yet where everyone cares about my every move.

“But now you’re over him?” I let out a mockingly laugh like he’s crazy for even asking me such an absurd question. “Because for someone who is over their ex, you’re going to some extreme lengths to show that you don’t care.”

“What are you trying to say here, dude?” I demand.

“I’m saying you’re clearly not over your ex-husband.”

My hands curl into fist and I glare at him. “Oh, like you’re clearly over your ex, Mr. Storage Space.”

“But I am over her.”

“Then why is her toothbrush still in your bathroom drawer?”

His face drops. “You went through my stuff?”

I shrug. “Yeah, don’t you look at other’s people’s stuff when you use their bathroom?”

“No,” he snaps. “That’s an invasion of privacy!”

“Oh, sorry. I'll make it up to you. When you come to my place, feel free to roam through my drawers. Just don't look in my top drawer because my panties are there, and that would just be creepy.”


  1. This is just. Too. Hilarious.

    Gracie is one spunky character. LOL. I love how she makes it like it's no big deal to go through people's things. I think I will follow suit xD(Though now, I'm curious...who is this other ex...O_O)

  2. Kim, I want to hug you every time you comment on this story! Gracie really does have that "no big deal" attitude which sometimes can get her into a lot of trouble, lol

    This other ex....well, I may bring her back up next week in another teaser =D


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