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Supernatural Sunday: You've Just Been Garthed.

Once upon a time like many things on this dusty ole' blog of mine, I started doing a recap of Supernatural because well Supernatural is awesome pants. Because of Friday's episode, I have to bring it back to life.

Friends don't let friends hunt drunk.

Party on, Garth! was probably one of my favorite episodes this season. The writers of Supernatural can not only give a great spooky plot or add in a lot of tear-jerking moments, it brings a lot of humor to the table. When an episode is based on being funny they become a Supernatural Instant Favorite for me. 

I was so excited to see DJ Quall's character, Garth, being brought back to the show. We've seen a lot of hunters throughout the seasons, and some leave an impression. Garth to me is like how Ash was. A great character to run into who brings their own certain finesse. I loved how the show opened with the camp tale theme. We all know teens in the woods listening to a ghost story is never a good start. When a brother of one of the campers stumbles up drunk during a camp tale of Jenny Greentree, he sees something no one else sees: a psychotic ghost that is about to rip his insides out. 


Which brings us Garth. Cue in the background music and Garth showcases this kick-butt hunter who has no problem digging up the bones of Jenny Greentree and lighting her on fire with the great tagline of: You've just been Garthed. But "Garthed" she was not because right as he was going to meet whoever he was "hearting" on the phone, Garth hears the scanner come about another kid, the brother of the dead one, found dead in the woods. Grabbing his phone again, he calls upon the brother hunting duo.

The boys are on the road, sadly still not in the Impala, and Dean is checking in with that b!tch Meg asking how Cas is doing. Last episode I was happy to see my Angel Food Cake around, but to be honest, I was kind of hoping Cas would be gone a bit longer. Everything is just so more dramatic with that boy involved, and I'm glad this episode kept going on the comical note. The boys head to Kansas, meet up with Garth as he displays his lack of hunting ways, and finally pull clues together to realize that this spirit was brought on by a scorned business man and now his two ex- business partners' children are having to pay the price by a Shojo, a Japense alcoholic spirit. The only way you can see her is when you're drunk.

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The idea of having to hunt drunk is obviously clever and hilarious. One of my favorite lines from it came from Sam when he looks at his brother and asks: Can you even get drunk anymore? Isn't it kind of like a liquid vitamin for you now? Dean and Sam are no stranger to delivering the humor, but when Garth busts out the sock puppet to talk to a girl who sees the Shojo after she accidently drinks an "adult drink", I knew most of the greatness was going to lie in him. While the boys have no exact objections on drinking there is one part of the episode that my hopes starting hitting my living room ceiling and that comes in the form of an EMF reader and Bobby's flask. We all saw Garth sit there tinkering with the EMF reader, how it went off, and not much was said. While in the car with Dean he starts realizing after Dean tells him the flask he is drinking from belonged to Bobby that that's why the reading became so strong. Garth sparks the question to Dean that I have been dying to know: Is Bobby still around?

There has been hints since the death of my beloved Bobby that his spirit was still around. After all, we don't know what decision he truly made when he was trapped in his own mind. It wasn't until the boys are racing to the beer factory to save the life of one of the businessman's sons that I knew without a shining of a doubt Bobby was with us. 

This Shojo spirit is no screw around. The Ring lookalike creepy girl was throwing Garth through a window, knocking Sammy Boy out, and when Dean appears with the sword he got the magic mojo in (by a guy working at Japense restaurant), she's ready to kill. Right at the moment where it almost looks like Dean is about to bite the dust when the sword gets knocked out of his hands, it suddenly without the help of anyone alive in the room, gets shoved across the floor and right in his grasp.

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Oh yes, if you had any doubts in your mind that Bobby wasn't in there you were crazily mistaken. Even after Dean sliced into the Shojo (and almost taking the poor kid's head off), he knows that there is a great possibility Bobby was in the room. It didn't matter that Sam confessed he tried contacting Bobby back when the beer disappeared and nothing came out of it. It still didn't matter after Sam caught Dean talking to an empty room trying to call Bobby out knowing he was the reason why the Shojo was dead. When Garth makes his departure from the hotel, blaring Poison none the less, Dean finally agrees to disagree so to say that Bobby's spirit is not around.

Before Sam and Dean climb back into their...what the crap kind of car was that anyways? Gawd, do I miss the Impala....Dean goes back into the motel to get Bobby's flask. And that is where...oh gosh I get emotional just typing it...we see that Bobby is in fact BACK!!

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There he is, standing right in front of Dean's view thinking that Dean can see him! And as I pumped both fist in the air letting out a I KNEW IT!! I FREAKING KNEW IT!!! and scaring the crap out of my niece, we quickly learn that Dean doesn't see Bobby at all. Not even when Bobby tells him very frustratingly, "I'm right here, you idjit!" Boy, did the tears come to my eyes hearing that. I'm not even kidding. My niece laughed about that one on me too, but I couldn't help it. The last scene is the door closing and me wondering what is going to lay in store for Bobby. Seeing the preview for next week I have high hopes that there will be a real reunion for Dean, Sam, and Bobby!

I don't follow Supernatural things as closely as I used to, but I was honestly shocked to see Jim Beaver there. I knew Jim  had tweeted he was working on some movie, but all along he was just coming back home :) I think the show did a great job of keeping this a secret, and not only do I hope Bobby is back for good, I'm crossing my fingers that this is not the last we see of Garth.

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