Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I do believe I'm going to like being 27!

27 years ago at 3:33 AM exactly on April 29th, my parents got the greatest gift of all.......


With school and work and this entire 'journey' of going back to college coming to an end I hadn't really given much thought about celebrating my birthday. This was kind of unlike me because I believe in Amberpolooza and celebrating the fact I'm alive in the world. So last minute I asked some of my closest friends to get together last Saturday night to celebrate. We did dinner, bowling, drinks and some more drinks (liquid marijuana is soooooo good, guys! And NO that's not a drug. It's the name of the drink!)

Then afterwards some of us came back to my house and we sat around drinking some more (UV Cake - yum!) and played some Phase 10. Playing cards to end the night instead of shutting the bar down might seem kind of old, but I wouldn't have picked a better way to end the night. I have the best friends, seriously!

That snazzy crown I'm wearing is from my 22nd birthday. I had found it when I was unpacking my office and around midnight that night ran and put it on then pranced back into the kitchen to show it off.

Ending the night around 2 AM! 

On Sunday, I went and had lunch with my Padre. He wasn't able to come to my birthday party later that in the afternoon at my Sister's so he wanted to do something just with me. I am a daddy's girl through and through people! Around 2 PM, I headed over to my Sister's to my birthday party. Yes, I'm 27 and family still believes in throwing birthday parties.

I'm the one usually planning all the parties. I even pick out my own cake most of the time! I told my Sister this year I wanted to be surprised. I wasn't planning ANYTHING though I did give her hints on what kind of  things I would like to see. One was I've ALWAYS wanted a book cake. The titles of the "books" were all hers and I cracked up seeing 'Adventures in Amblerland' on there!!

I was grinning ear to ear seeing 'Tales of Sammy Jones'. Sammy Jones is the nickname my Padre gave me when I was really little. The entire name is: Sam Hambone Lollipop Hobo Melon Belly Jones if you want to get technical, but it was shortened over the years to either Sammy Jones or Jones.  Even though it bled a little (whipped icing does that FYI, but that's okay because we only eat whipped in my family), the 27th Edition was a nice touch!

All in all it was a fantastic birthday! With graduation happening tonight (eek!!), I couldn't be more excited about turning a year older. For a while I started freaking out about entering my late 20's, but with everything that has happened, I can only see the plus side of my future and cannot wait to see what life has in store for me :)

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