Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why music has ruined my memory.

My memory sucks. Some has to do with some choices I made in high school. I can tell you what all happened back there, but my short term memory? It's pretty much shot. I'll walk into a room, and I'll have no idea why I'm there. I can stick my keys in the same spot every day, but yet I still don't know where that spot is. One thing my memory is the worst at is tests. I suck at them. I can cram my little brain for weeks, and usually it doesn't help. Thankfully school is over!

Lately I've been listening to the 'Reality Bites' channel on DirectTV in the mornings when I'm getting ready. (I don't really recommend ever getting DirectTV, btw. I cannot wait for my contract to be up.) Most of these songs I haven't heard in YEARS. But I can sing them lyric for lyric. Is it because it's so catchy?  Is it because it has a tune? Is it because I quite possibly overplayed certain songs (even 10+ years ago) worse than a Top 40 station? I don't know! For some reason music just embeds in my memory.

So you're probably thinking wait Amber, I have the most genius idea for tests! Why not make us songs for stuff? Yeah. I've thought of that too. And I've tried it, but while I can write up a story, I cannot write songs. Old high school self of me could have. That girl used to write songs and poetry like crazy. Adult me.....not so much.

What are some songs that are embedded into your memory? Here's a list of ones from this week that have came up:

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