Sunday, May 22, 2011

Weight Loss Sucks: Me and the HCG Diet

So I started doing the HCG Diet. I was all pumped to do it. Had my veggies, fruits, and lean meats all piled up in the fridge. Then I started it......and I was starving. After four days on it, I was thinking there was no way I could last the full 21 days. My blood sugar was going crazy and I felt like a complete fat freak that was obsessed with wanting to stuff food in her mouth.

But then my lovely mama who had gotten the stuff from a girl at work called me to inform me: Oh Amber, you're supposed to take 15 drops 3 times a day, not 5 drops. Might be why you've been feeling so hungry.

I didn't know whether to jump for joy that I wasn't some fat freak obsessed or call her evil so I did both.

Fast forward to Day 12. I'll admit - I cheated. A few days. A few times. With really unhealthy stuff, but so far I've lost 10 pounds. I can feel it in my sides and the fact I was able to go down a notch on my belt. I should have 9 more days left, but the drops I have aren't a 21-Day supply. I probably have enough for 3 more days. So even though I have cheated (like last night OMG steak!) I'm going to finish them up. I may have not have lost the 20 pounds I was shooting for, but I'm quite happy with 10 pounds in 12 days. This was the jump start I wanted. And it has gotten me more motivated to want to start exercising again. Plus with all the water I've been chugging and no more drinking Diet Coke (which I learned in Anatomy class has like some crazy chemical in it when it gets too hot that can kill you so Diet Coke is no longer allowed to enter my freaking body ever again), I feel great!

Do I suggest the HCG Diet? I do if you can hack it. One of the girls I work with did the full 42 days and lost 30 pounds on it. She's been able to keep it off, and it really helped her in eating healthy. Even my 12 days with some unhealthy foods, I have been craving more fruits rather than sugar. And a lot of fried food just looks gross to me (except for fried pickles). I know a lot of people rant about how you're starving yourself. In a way, yes you are. You can only have 500 calories, but your body doesn't go into starvation mode due to the drops.  Just if you do decide to do the HCG Diet, make sure you double check how many drops you're supposed to take. Trust me, that was fat girl Hell.

Oh, and just so you know, if you took a pregnancy test while you're doing this diet, it will more in likely come out positive. So if you're trying to have a baby OR not have a baby, you might want to wait until the drops are out of your system before you pee on a stick. Though I have thought about scaring the crap out of my mother by peeing on one....

And one more thing: If you feel sick or weak or your blood sugar drops STOP DOING THIS DIET! I had read up on it before I did it, and I saw many people say something on the lines of: On Day 7 I felt dizzy. On Day 13 I could barely make it up the stairs. WHY WOULD YOU KEEP DOING THIS TO YOURSELF IF YOU ARE FEELING THAT BAD?! I knew by the morning of Day 4 something wasn't right and was about to quit it. When I got the proper dosage, I felt completely fine. Even if I didn't feel fine by the proper dosage, I would have stopped this diet. So if your body isn't responding right, there's a reason for it. Don't be an idiot.


  1. I know how you feel sweets. In my case not doing this thing I'm doing voluntarily. I have to since I now have Type 2 Diabetes and have to count EVERY carb that goes into my mouth. IT SUCKS. But on the plus side I have lost weight and all my clothes are getting too big for me. BIG HUGS!!!!

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