Tuesday, June 7, 2011

26 Things To Do Before I Turn 27

I like making goals. I like making lists. I'll sometimes even jot things down on a piece of a paper of what I want done. Sure I make New Years Resolutions, and a lot of them are huge. I don't always complete them. I don't even sometimes come close to completing them. But after thinking of many goals I've given myself, and seeing this on various blogs, I thought why not?

I've been 26 for a month and every day I think of new things I want done. They might not be life-changing or exotic, but they are still things I want done before I turn another year older which if you're wanting the countdown will be April 29th, 2012.

1. Add to my foot tattoo.

2. Finish Gus's story.

3. Decorate a two-stacked cake.

4. Spend more time with friends.

5. Loose 30 pounds.

6. See Seether in concert.

7. Get a new tattoo.

8. Put together a recipe book.

9. Make 12 different types of cupcakes from scratch.

10. Get my palm read.

11. Be able to run 1 mile without wanting to die.

12. Learn Medical Terminology like the back of my hand.

13. Buy a guitar.

14. Learn how to play said guitar.

15. Go hiking.

16. Read my Bible each day.

17. Take more pictures.

18. Scrapbook more.

19. Go on a mini road trip.

20. Crotchet a beanie.

21. Get into a better study habit.

22. Get a house.

23. Have aunt/niece days and aunt/nephew days and godmother/goddaughter days.

24. Host a dinner part at new house.

25. Less time on the internet, more time in real life.

26. To always remember: When things get worse, don't let yourself get worse with them


  1. This is awesome! I hope.. no.. I KNOW you will accomplish all the above! Know why? KNOW WHY? (total Johnny Depp/Will Wonka moment there) its because YOU'RE AWESOME! And I would love those cupcakes delivered to my house after you are done, thank you.

  2. That's a long list, one for every year. I hope you accomplish them all!

  3. hosting dinner parties are the most fun! (in my opinion...)


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