Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mid-Year Goals Check-In

I saw this just a bit ago on Busy Bee Lauren's blog, and I thought: Hey! What about all those goals you made in January, Amber? Are you holding them up any?

*squirms in seat, checks old blog posts, and chews on pen*

Write: My writing has slacked, slacked, slacked, and then slacked some more. I started one more new story idea, wrote a bunch on Fairy Tale, redid some of Gus, and have currently been working on The Unexpected Clash of Strangers. While sure, that does seem like a lot, I think I may have written under 50K in the last 5 months. That is sad, y'all.

Get healthy: My healthy train has been a roller coaster and I'm starting to get sick. No seriously. Because of all this back and forth of doing really well then eating crap, I have screwed up my stomach majorly (more so than it already was). I've still got the bruised arm and hand where they had to draw blood to make sure nothing else was wrong with my stomach last week. Good news: My labs are normal. And now it's up to me to start taking the right meds and eating healthy if I ever want to not wake up with cramps, bloating, or on the verge of throwing up. Good times.

Try new things: Hey, I've done this! I've tried new recipes. I've gone out to places I normally wouldn't go out to. I've opened up to more people, and have spent less time cooped up in the house like a hermit. I may not still be as outgoing as I used to be, but dang it, I've improved!

Get another tattoo: Not yet. I'm still debating on what to get. Thinking of Jeremiah 3:19 on the wrist, but then again, not so sure. Maybe Forever Young on the back of the neck. Then again I think I want to redo my foot - see! This is why I haven't gotten one yet.

Keep up my GPA: Yeah.......we won't touch that subject.

Go to more concerts: I'VE DONE THIS!! And I plan on hitting up a few more before fall gets here :)

Dress more girly: Church counts, right? I'm trying....kind of.

Don't let it get to me: *deep breath* This has been a back and forth deal. Some days I remember when things get worse, don't get worse with them. Other times, I flip a witch and freak the crap out.

Enjoy life and be more productive with it! I haz! I haz! More time with friends and family: loving every minute of it.

So how about you? How are you doing six months into the year?


  1. Don't fret my dear, anything you haven't done or haven't completely done to your liking, still has 6 more months of finishing! As the great one once said.. "YOU CAN DO IT!!" :D

  2. *bumps fist* And this is why you are one of my best friend :)

  3. pfft.. same goes for you chick! :D

  4. I discovered your blog this afternoon and have gotten quite carried away reading bits and bobs of it! Love the 26 things to do before you're 27 idea.. inspired to have a try of this myself! Although it is now only 5 months until my 21st birthday, so maybe it'd be best left until next year!



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