Thursday, June 30, 2011

Things I Loved in June

June wasn't exactly a favorite month of mine. It was a bit overwhelming, I was sick through most of it, Seether broke my heart, and I've been extremely stressed due to some issues at work and life itself. But no one likes to read all of those things which is why I haven't been posting lately or commenting on many other blogs. So let's just jump into the positive things, shall we?

Favorite Things In June

Ryka shoes
$56 -

Hollister Co. beach shoes
$9.30 -

Cooperative printed bag
$28 -

Going to church and reading more of my Bible.

Short road trips.

Summertime starting and craft making.

Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes!....I think I may have an addiction to wanting to make them.

New running shoes! So I can ya know, get off my butt and loose weight.

READING some awesome books:
A Need So Beautiful by Suzanne Young
Don't Stop Now by Julie Halpern
Dead Rules by Randy Russell
Want to Go Private? by Sarah Darer Littman

Jotting down writing ideas.

Wearing flip flops.

Chine Glaze Crackle Nail Polish. ♥ Loooveee this 

Catching up with Pretty Little Liars and apparently becoming a bit obsessive with it.
(Have y'all seen this show?! I love Caleb, and Toby has became less creepy to me.)

Going to the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma with my mama and sister. Bonus: Got to hang out with one of my best guy buddies who I hadn't seen in MONTHS!
 (We won't discuss how much money I lost.)

Seeing Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and Adeiltas Way in concert for $5 - holla!

Falling in love with an old story, The Unexpected Clash of Strangers, and having the itch to really write on it.

Annnnnd.....the most important thing which I don't have a picture of: MY NEPHEW IS IN FOR THE SUMMER!! YAH!!!


  1. I'm sorry you've had some stressful times this month! But I'm glad you also had some happy experiences, and I'm sure you will get through it all with flying colors!

  2. I have been just dieing to try that crackle nail polish! So happy your summer is off to a good start- I still can't believe it's almost July.

  3. 'pretty little liars' makes everything better! takes all the stress away. our problems cannot compare to theirs. ;) i love me some p.l.l!


  4. Awesome post as usual! I'm so happy that you see the positive through everything. Reading, writing, cupcakes and nail polish sound like an awesome way to get through anything :P In my case some wine and other alcoholic beverages and anything coffee stirred up in the mix is like frickin heaven! We should open a shop someday!

    I heart you!!


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