Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Things I Loved in May

Finding out I'm going to be a godmother again
Oh how I wish I would have saved the picture message my best friend Shell sent me as her way of informing me she was pregnant. I ♥ this chick!

Road trip with my sister to Tennessee.
 If you would have told us when we were kids that we would grow up to be best friends, we would have laughed then probably punched one another to prove you wrong. I'm still working on this series of posts but you can check out this one and this one and even this one to see what went down so far. 

Buying mah Seether VIP tickets! 14 more days, baby!

Getting back into church ♥ 
This place is a way different atmosphere in the churches I used to attend as a kid, but I really like it there. The pastor is very down-to-earth and he's real. He doesn't hold back. He doesn't sugar coat the mistakes he's made. He's just him. The people there are all super sweet, and I love the music! 

Cake decorating 

Posting more.
I know that might seem silly, but I do enjoy blogging. It's another form of writing so even though I haven't been 100% focused on my novel(s), I'm still writing. And that's what matters, right?

Spending less time doing things that don't matter. 

Knowing I only have 2 more semesters to go before I graduate!

New Novel Idea
If you know my writing style at all, you may think this is a horrible idea. But with starting this new story, I have come to the conclusion that some stories aren't meant to be told. Not every character is going to have their ending, and it's time I stop beating those that cannot be finished into the ground.

Discovering new recipes

I call this: 

What happens you try to make black-bean brownies and realize you lost the top for your blender, and the can of black beans is already opened so you've got to make something!

1 can of black beans
A good amount of organic brown rice
A can of Rotelle 
Throw together in a pan
Cook until it's good to go
Spread out some chips
Dump all the good stuff on top
Sprinkle with cheese
and Wah-la, you got yummy in you tummy!

What about you? What are some things you loved in May?


  1. OMG seether!!! I'm so jealous!

    In May, I loved going to WisCon (conference) :) AND getting lots of writing done in my WIP!

  2. This looks delish, and congrats on being a godmother (AGAIN!) nice!

  3. You do cake decorating? That's so cool! ^^

  4. discovering new recipes - yes! i can't wait to have more time in in the future (and a bigger/better kitchen) to do this all the time.


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