Monday, January 9, 2012

Are you a Supernatural fan?

Because we need to talk.

If you haven't caught up with this season of Supernatural then we DON'T need to talk. I repeat: Don't talk because I'm about to ruin it for you by saying some spoilers.

Now I follow some things on tumblr and engage in conversation on Twitter here and there. Really, the only people I talk about Supernatural with is my sister and a friend of mine usually via Facebook. And then anyone I can randomly freak out with on Twitter. So I decided that if you're a follower of my blog or just randomly stumbled up on here, and you like Supernatural then we *points to self, points to you* need to start discussing this season because I need more Supernatural friends in my life.

Let me start this out by saying: I loved Cas aka Angel Food Cake. He brought a great plot line to the series even if they did get a bit too serious and kinda drag crap out entirely way too much. But Cas in this season opener was mother truckin' genius, and I was pretty sad to see him bite the dust or "supposedly" bite the dust. Since it's happened, I see all these people up on Tumblr FREAKING OUT about how the show is now ruined.

Say what?!

How? What? Really?! Out of the entire show, out of all things that have happened, Cas dying kills it? (No pun intended.) Am I the only one that thinks this season is actually turning out to be a really good one? The boys are not being so mellow dramatic anymore. I love this show like it was my own little baby, but I think everyone in the class can agree that the fifth and sixth season (especially you, sixth season) really brought it down. And yeah, it sucks Cas and his beautiful trench coat are gone, but I have to say, I freaked out way more whenever **AND THIS IS WHERE I GET SERIOUS OF SAYING WE CANNOT TALK IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN ALL THE EPISODES OF THIS SEASON** Bobby.....I can't even type the words. Give me a minute....Okay. When Bobby died.

I cried. I cried, good lord did I cry over Jim Beaver and his last words of igits. As much as I loved Papa Winchester, Bobby was their dad. We had him for way more seasons, and they gave us so much more on Bobby and his life that it was harder for me to part with him. Actually I still haven't parted with him because I KNOW he's not really gone. You all saw Dean's drank beer, right? That's not Dean's mind. Nope. I am for sure (and hard-headed) about that Bobby stuck around cause after all those igits are bound to screw something up.  But we all know what happens to ghosts when they stick around, and I swear if they have to blow Bobby away with some salt rock, I'm going to cry harder.

So basically my point of this ridiculously rambly posts is: What do you think of the season so far?  Do you think that by "killing" off Cas and Bobby they're making it a better plot? Do you think the show is tanked because Cas is bye-bye?  To me, it's almost like we'll get back the ole' Yellow Eyed Demon days. The boys have such a bigger mission and reason to kick more butt because of loosing two important people. And I miss those days. I know they couldn't ride around in the Impala (gimme that car!) forever, but when they're slaying demons and taking names, I just feel more contempt with the show and my love for it.

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