Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sister Road Trip: Hitting Up Graceland

The next morning we got up from our not-so-comfy beds, ate some breakfast, wished we were kinda still in Nashville, and then walked over to Graceland. I decided to make this post all about the place since I took so many pictures. I've never been a massive Elvis fan, but the fact this place is still up and running showcasing his life is pretty darn cool if you ask me. Could you imagine your life being on display? Yeah. Me either.

Wandering through all the rooms I had to remind myself of how large this was back in the time period and how expensive things were. And oddly enough a lot of Graceland smelled like my Grandparent's house.

As a dreamer when I walked into the room that had all of this going on every single wall, it gave me chills.

When I was in sixth grade I was supposed to stop at Graceland on the way to Florida with some family friends. Before I left for the trip my Uncle Ronnie said he'd pay me ten bucks to jump in the pool. And I was pretty set on doing it not thinking of how I could get arrested. On our way to Florida due to time, we weren't able to stop. So the only thing I could think about while seeing the pool was how much my Uncle Ronnie would be laughing at me if I just jumped right in. It would have been a oddball way to honor his memory, but alas, I chickened out.

The burial place of Elvis where people still send tons of flowers and gifts on the day of his death.

After we left Graceland we wandered around to see the planes, the car museum, and every other tiny little tourist trap they threw at us. Did I mention it was raining like crazy in Memphis? Because it was and my hair looked like a jungle by the end of it.

Next Up: Sun Studio is the Bomb Dot Com and How I Could Spend Hours Upon Hours in the Rock and Soul Museum 

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  1. how fun! i've always wanted to travel to nashville, i hear it's so beautiful. and i would love to go to graceland!


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