Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Rewrites: Round One

It's time.

I avoided  my NaNoWriMo for most of December. This may or may not have been the brightest idea, but it happened regardless. Now that my mind is starting to wander on other projects, I know it's time to jump back into Fairy Tale.

I would say I'm editing. I would say I'm revising. But after looking through most of it, I'm saying it's time for a rewrite. I wrote some good stuff. I wrote some bad stuff. I wrote stuff that needs to go down my garbage disposal (if it actually worked).

I'm not giving up.


One goal I have this year is to write a full draft of this. I don't care if it sucks. I know it will have crap. Crap can be fixed. If I can't fix it, then that's why God invented the man who invented the computer to contain a delete option.

*deep breath*

*cracks knuckles*

No looking back now.


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