Friday, January 6, 2012

Sister Road Trip: Day Three and Four

Our third day in Nashville was pretty low key. We slept in, booked a spa appointment where I got a massage, pedicure, and a blow out. That consists of me having to walk around this place in a bathrobe. And having to sit in a steam room with another girl while we had this awkward conversation since neither of us really had been in one before.

The pedicure was awesome - the blowout was nice. My hair was all sorts of shiny, and after that we debated on what to do next. Due to the massive population of runners still being downtown we decided to go on this show boat. We have something similar in Branson, but seeing as we've lived in Missouri all our lives and have never went, we decided a show boat would be a fun way to see Nashville. Plus it was low key, got some drinks, watched a nice show, and sat with some chatty people who all couldn't believe how "old" we were. I take it as a compliment that I still look like I'm 22 and my sister doesn't look like she's 30.

What I loved most about the entire thing was of course seeing Nashville at night. Soooo pretty!

The next morning we pakced everything up - it's amazing what kind of mess we can make - and headed out of Nasvhille.

We were very lucky to have enjoyed such pretty weather, but Memphis was not having it at all. I made my sister get us out of Nasvhille, we stopped at Denny's where HEY I FOUND OUT I WAS HAVING ANOTHER GODDAUGHTER! due to the picture of a pregnancy test my BFFF texted me. From there I took the driving while my sister read her Nook. I hit a pot hole, about peed myself at one point, stopped a few rest stops, and hey lookie! I saw a sign with two of my characters names on it!
Jackson is from "A Day Late and A Dollar Short" and Memphis from "Just Call Me Gus aka What If aka Ties That Bind Us aka I Will Never Find a Title For This Story"

Then it started getting dark. Like spooky did we just stumble into Missouri Torando Hell weather?

And we did.

You know how most exits are spaced about a mile apart? Well, not the exit we needed to take. The lovely Tom-Tom told me that I would be exiting right in like so many hundred yards so I assumed it was the exit right there in front of me, but ohhhhh no, it was the NEXT exit that was like a foot away.

Now I'm not bashing on Memphis at all, but we are small town people. And some people around us kept saying things about how dangerous Memphis was and how we better not get lost. So my sister was a bit fearful, but as we got off the exit, my panic was less because we had trusty Tom-Tom. Then Tom-Tom made me go into this area of town where my sister was on the floor board and yelling, "You better not even think of pulling this car over and making me drive!" And well I got a tad bit nervous that Tom-Tom might not know where the heck we were going. But we got out of seedy looking area very quickly, and I busted out the "Walking In Memphis" song as we turned into the Heartbreak Hotel.

When we got into the hotel, I was more calm about the storm until Crazy Lady came running in the place screaming things like, OH MY GOD WHERE IS THE BASEMENT?! WHERE IS THE BASEMENT!? WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!

Needless to say my sister refused to go anywhere for the night even when the weather cleared up because she was afraid another storm would come alone and ah be danged if we were going to be stuck downtown somewhere if it happened. Instead we spend the night hanging out in the Jungle Room, reading books, drinking, eating greasy bar food, and watching the same Elvis movie over and over and over and over.

Next Up: How We Really Did Go Walking In Memphis In the Middle of the Pouring Rain 

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  1. It sounds like you had an awesome trip! It's nice to *meet* you! ;) Have a great weekend!!


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