Thursday, January 19, 2012

Casting Your Characters

I'm know I'm not alone in the idea of putting a face with a character.

 It's kind of the first thing I do when I start out with a new story. I blame Cheryl for this and our days of Death Sentence fanfiction. She has some awesome photoshop skills and made me pretty icons and banners for a story once. Ever since then when characters start brewing, I cast them.

When I get bored and am supposed to be writing, I have a habit of going on Youtube and trying to find videos that have "my characters" together.

Sometimes it doesn't work, and sometimes, I find creations like this:

And ones like this....

Then I get all smiley and run back to my word document and start writing some more.


  1. I'm gonna have to see one tree hill again. Shit. Last time I saw it she was married to Nathan... When did this happen? *looks it up on Netflix* I hate you :P

  2. Oh Sab, you kill me! Last I knew she's still with Nathan. I gave up on the show a couple seasons back though I do want to watch the series finale.


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