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Book Talk: In Too Deep by Amanda Grace

In Too Deep by Amanda Grace

Release Date: February 2012
Genre: Young Adult Contemporary
Publisher: Flux
Pages: 240
Source: Around the World Tours
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Challenge: YA Contemporary Challenge

What Amanda Grace did was throw you right into Sam's life before graduation. Having a big thing for her best guy friend, Nick, Sam goes to a party thinking that by throwing herself at the golden boy, Carter, it might make him jealous enough. Sam's nerves are shot so by chugging a few beers she thinks she has enough courage to go for it. What Sam gets instead is a harsh shut down. When she is seen stumbling out of his room with her shirt torn and crying, one girl asks a simple question: "Did he just...." Sam's answer: Yes.

But Sam had no idea what she was saying yes to. By the next couple days, the rumors are in full gear that Carter raped Sam. Carter, as we find out later, isn't exactly the nicest guy in the world. He has made many people, especially girls, lives a living hell by taunting them or making up lies of his own. So when Sam finally comes clean to a bunch of girls who are suddenly at her aid because of the supposed rape, they tell her to let the rumor ride out. After all, they're graduating soon, Carter will be on his way out of town. No big harm, right?

In Too Deep is the perfect example of what happens when people make assumptions, and a better example of what happens when someone doesn't correct them. What I found the most interesting was the sudden sides everyone in the school was taking. Sam isn't a popular person, but yet a lot of people believed her in a second. People who didn't even know her. Why other people couldn't believe even with Carter's past that he'd so something like that, and had no problems of making threats towards Sam, keying her car, etc.

Carter isn't going quietly in this. He lashes out, and obviously has a right due to the rape allegations being thrown at him. The more things people speak up and tell what Carter has done in the past made me go: HA! TAKE THAT YOU FREAKING JERKFACE!  But then another part was like: Okay, he's a jerk, but he's NOT the bad guy this time. Rape is a serious, serious thing you just don't throw at someone.

Which leads me to Sam. I liked her, but I didn't like her. She doesn't have the best home life which chalks up the sympathy level. Her dad is a massive control freak. The girl has a strong opinion but has a very hard time finding her voice. Nick is the love of her life, and their relationship does progress throughout the story so you're happy for her yet you're not happy because she's a liar. I understood why she didn't say anything in the beginning because Sam really didn't know what everyone was whispering about, yet when she found out what was going on, it was hard to sympathize with her not speaking out. But yet, I still in a way did. You would think going into a story like this, it would be black and white. Sam would be the bad guy for not setting the rumor straight. Amanda Grace did a great job of portraying a character who was innocent yet guilty. Only an excellent writer with fleshed out characters is able to achieve something like.

This book was definitely fast paced, and some things I felt may have been a bit rushed like the relationship between Nick and Sam, but for what the main plot was, it definitely lived up to my expectations. For those that don't know, Amanda Grace is a pen name for Mandy Hubbard. If you haven't read any of her books, I'll link up a few of my past reviews. Mandy is a very talented writer, and as always I look forward to her next novel.

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  1. I need to read this book! Mandy Hubbard has been making such remarkable strides with her writing, and I seem to enjoy her all the more with each new release.

    Your review makes me all the more anxious because it sounds like Mandy has created characters that live in the gray areas - where bad and good guys aren't exactly 100% bad or good.

  2. I'm on the blog tour for this book too, can't wait to read it. Great review!

  3. the epic rat - She really is! I think with each book her writing just gets better and better which I love to see!

    Kate - Thanks! I do believe you'll like it :)


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