Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When Garrett Hedlund is in a fashion show....

Things get funny.

First off, if you don't know who Garrett Hedlund is then I am ordering you right now to go out and watch my three favorite films of his: Four Brothers (Cracker Jack!), Death Sentence (Billllyyyy), and Country Strong (Oh, Beau).

I am not a fashion type person which is kinda why you never see me "Daily Outfit" posts here because I doubt you all care that I am in an assorted amount of t-shirts, torn jeans, hoodie, and semi-smelly sneakers most of my life. And I just don't *get* the fashion world. Most of the models in shows scare me with the hair, crazy makeup, and how tiny a lot of them are. I don't want to see your bones, honey.

But I do break many things I'm not for when it comes to Garrett. When the lovely Laura that heads Garrett Minds said he would be in the Prada Mens' Fashion Show in Milan, I was pretty interested to see what would come about it. I couldn't watch it on live stream because I was out celebrating my Grandpa's 89th birthday and then praying to God my niece didn't kill me on a four-wheeler, but when I got home, I ran to the boards to do some catching up.

 Boy, was I glad I did.

There was a nice thrown of actors into the mix of models, and then....then there was Garrett.

Priceless look, I tell you. Priceless.

If you watch the next two clips, you will see he obviously had the most fun strutting his stuff. After watching all the different videos and pictures, it has made me wonder what was going through his head as he took off. Maybe it was something like......

Hhmm I wonder if I will get kicked out if I start randomly pointing at people?
Okay, what about this?
Then let's try a little bit of ass grabbing.
That won't even do it?
Screw it. Air piano time!!!!

He's at the beginning a bit, but right around 0:47 is where he starts really busting out that air piano.

This will keep me amused for the rest of the week. You're welcome.

Now please excuse me while I go finish all the tests that are due by midnight tonight for my internship. 2 down, only 17 more to go!!


  1. Haha. I love you, Amber. I was showing the runway to a friend today who was lamenting the fact she had to follow all these stuffy rules to get into this exclusive club in NYC her dad wanted her to go to with him. I told her, well, you could pretend you're going to follow the rules and then do this *hits play*. She loved it.


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